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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle index rebuild online 

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonSeptember 2, 2015

Question:  What is the difference between a "rebuild index" and the "rebuild index online" operation.  When do I consider adding the "online" argument to a rebuild index statement?

Answer:  The fundamental difference between an "alter index rebuild" and an "alter index rebuild online" is the access methods for the index data. 

Online index rebuild and locking

With a standard "alter index rebuild" Oracle will set an exclusive lock, effectively blocking all DML that might happen during the rebuild period. However, this is mitigated with Oracle parallel index rebuilding.  An index that takes an hour to rebuild can be completed in less than one minute on a server with cpu_count=64 and parallel degree 63.

With the online index rebuild, update transactions will still be able to access the table and index. Only for very small amounts of time is a lock acquired on the target table.

In 11g and beyond, Oracle will wait for any long running DML transactions to complete before starting the online index rebuild, but it will not block any new DML activity once the online rebuild has started.

As soon as the online index rebuild operation has begun, Oracle will create an IOT journal table and use an internal trigger on the underlying table to keep track of the DML changes that occur during the index rebuild operation. After the rebuild operation has completed, Oracle will apply all DML changes to the target index.

Differences between online and standard index rebuild

Here is a summary of the differences between index rebuilding techniques:

  • Alter index rebuild online:  During a online index rebuild, Oracle will make a snapshot log on the target table to hold DML activity, read the table in a full-table scan (read consistent), build the new index and then apply the changes from the snapshot log after the index has been rebuilt.  You can use NOLOGGING and PARALLEL with the online rebuild:

alter index my_idx rebuild online parallel 63 nologging;
alter index my_idx noparallel;
alter index my_idx logging;

  • Alter index rebuild:  During a "regular" index rebuild, an exclusive lock occurs as the existing index is read.  Hence, this command is designed for scheduled downtime periods where there is no DML activity.  However, this operation can be parallelized and run in NOLOGGING mode:

alter index my_idx rebuild parallel 63 nologging;
alter index my_idx noparallel;
alter index my_idx logging;

Note: In some cases the specification of the "parallel" clause in an index rebuild will change the default degree of parallelism for the index.  Hence, you will always want to set the index back to "noparallel" after completion of the rebuild.


The rules for identification of candidates for index coalescing/rebuilding depend on your specific index state. See MOSC notes 989186.1, 122008.1, 989093.1 for Oracle's suggestions on when to coalesce/rebuild indexes. Also see my updated notes on index coalesce or rebuilding and note this demonstration of an index that benefits from scheduled oracle index rebuilding.

Also, please see my updates and other notes on index rebuilding strategies, and my complete notes are found in my book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference".

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