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Oracle SQL Tuning at Sea 2017

BC training cruise for DBA's and Developers, taught by Donald K. Burleson

Sunday January 29th - Sunday, February 5th 2017

For cruise details, call (800) 766-1884 or email us at

             The Allure Of The Seas


The training class cost is $1495.00 per student.

The cruise cabin cost varies depending on the cabin level you choose. Cabin prices start at $820.00 per passenger for an inside cabin.

Book your class seat  Buy a seat in the Oracle Training Class at Sea  


The world's best Oracle training comes from practicing Oracle consultants, real Oracle experts and authors who combine years of experience with outstanding communications skills.  The problem is that the top Oracle experts are busy working with mission critical databases and rarely do public training. 

Only once per year, Burleson Consulting offers a public training class, a rare opportunity to learn the secrets of Oracle from some of the world's most highly regarded Oracle experts and authors, people who have managed some of the world's largest and complex databases.

Don Burleson Lecturing on 2008 Cruise

Beautiful amenities on board

The Appeal of a BC Oracle Cruise

This is a full 7-night Cruise with an onboard Oracle SQL tuning class, all for less than the cost of a traditional training class. Cruise prices are at an all-time low, and this is an unprecedented opportunity to combine the vacation of a lifetime with world-class Oracle DBA training.  In past years, BC has had great success with our shipboard Oracle cruises, a great way to have fun and share valuable Oracle technical information.


There are many benefits to our land-sea Oracle training:

  • World class education:  Donald K. Burleson is one of the best known Oracle experts in the world, author of more than 30 books.  This is a not-to-miss opportunity for expert advise for working DBA professionals.  Unlike traditional Oracle DBA training, the BC Oracle DBA training is taught by a practicing Oracle DBA consultants with more than three decades of hands-on, real-world SQL tuning experience. 
  • Bring the family:  Your loved ones can share your stateroom for as little as $820 per person, making the BC Oracle cruise the most affordable training option anywhere. 
  • Convince the boss:  See these important notes on how to convince your boss the BC cruise is a great value.   

Book your class seat  Buy a seat in the Oracle Training Class at Sea 


  • Bring the team - This is a phenomenal team building opportunity!  Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same company.


    Cost each














    $   995

  • Traditional invoicing:  Because the training is not at any fixed place, the Oracle class invoices are shown as being conducted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the class begins.
  • Great Value - The BC Oracle DBA cruise is better quality training at an even better price.  The BC Oracle cruise is far less expensive than a traditional Oracle DBA class, with an unparalleled intimate learning experiences.  Compare your options, and you will see why the Oracle cruise is a no-brainer!
  Vendor  Course Travel Room Total Cost
  Oracle University  $3,750  $600  $1,000 $5,300
  BC Oracle Cruise


$600  $1,000 * $3,095

* Cruise fares start as low as $820 per person


Meet your trainer:

Donald K. Burleson is one of America's best known Oracle experts and authors. 

A retired Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Burleson has more than 30 years of full-time DBA experience, authored more than 30 Oracle database books, written over 100 Oracle articles, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Rampant TechPress.


About the BC Oracle cruise

On January 2017 we will set sea for the eastern Caribbean cruise of a lifetime.

We are sailing on the Allure of the Seas, one of the world's largest cruise ships.

For Oracle cruise details and booking information,




1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


4:30 PM

2. Nassau, Bahamas

7:00 AM

2:00 PM

3. At Sea



4. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

10:00 AM

7:00 PM

5. Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles

8:00 AM

5:00 PM

6. At Sea



7. At Sea



8. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

6:15 AM


Enrolling in the SQL Tuning class

It's never been easier to book your Oracle training at sea.  Here is an Oracle SQL Tuning Training Class  management overview, ready to print for review by your management.  You book your cruise independently with Royal Caribbean, so you have the full flexibility to choose your own accommodations.

- Step 1: Book your class seat with BC  Buy a seat in the Oracle Training Class at Sea 

- Step 2: Book your cruise cabin directly with Royal Caribbean  

- Step 3: Book the hotel of your choice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the night preceding the cruise


About the Oracle SQL Tuning Training class

This is an intensive 3-day (18 classroom hours) training class on Oracle SQL tuning.  This class is aimed at Oracle DBA's and Oracle developers, an opportunity to get an in-depth functional understanding into the performance tuning of complex Oracle database systems from a leading tuning expert.

Topics include the full curriculum from our popular Oracle SQL tuning class.  You will need to bring a laptop with Oracle installed if you wish to participate in the class exercises.

Advanced Oracle Tuning & SQL Tuning
Three Day Syllabus

(c) 2016 by Donald K. Burleson

Note: You choose the specific SQL tuning topics based on your specific tuning requirements.

Day 1: Introduction to SQL Optimization

1-1: Introduction to SQL Tuning

Intro to the class
History of SQL
Evolution of SQL
Exercise - declarative SQL

1-2 - Internal processing of SQL statements

Parsing SQL Syntax
SQL Semantic Analysis
Generating the execution plan
Using optimizer plan stability
Using the v$sql view
Using the v$sql_plan view
Exercise: Query the library cache

1-3: Optimizer Statistics

Purpose of statistics
Types of statistics (table, column, system)
Histogram statistics
Dynamic sampling
using dbms_stats
Exporting/importing statistics
Statistics management
Exercise: gather system stats

1-4: Optimizer modes and goals

Management issues with system-wide optimization
Different modes of SQL optimization
Bi-modal databases
Rule-based optimization
Cost-based optimization
All rows optimization
First_rows optimization
Exercise: display and change optimizer_mode
1-5 - Table joining internals
Sort-merge joins
Nested Loop joins
Hash joins
STAR joins
Bitmap joins
Exercise: Change table join techniques & evaluate performance
1-6: SQL Tuning and full-table scans
Basics of file I/O
Sequential reads vs. scattered reads
When full scans are best
RAM caching in the SGA
Automating table caching
Solid State Disks
Tracking full-scans over time with AWR
Exercise: Query v$sql

DAY 2: Execution plan internals

2-1: Oracle parallel query and parallel DML

Parallel and SMP processing
Parallel query optimal degree
Parallel query management (system, session, statement)
Parallel DML
Parallel parallelism
Exercise: Run a parallel query

2-2: Exposing execution plans

Evaluating Large-table, full-table scans
Index Usage Analysis
Reports on system-wide SQL execution
Exercise: run autotrace options
2-3 - Altering SQL execution plans
Using hints
Changing the system-wide optimizer mode
Changing optimizer mode for specific statements
Re-writing SQL queries
Table join order evaluation
Using the ordered hint
Exercise: Optimizer costing models

2_4: Tuning SQL with hints

Optimizer directives
Scope of hints (session-level, statement level)
Broad hints (optimizer mode) vs. narrow hints
Good Hints vs. bad hints
Forcing index usage
Using hints in subqueries
Exercise: change an execution plan with a hint

2_5 - Oracle Index Optimization

B-Tree indexes
Bitmap Indexes
Function-based Indexes
Clustered indexes
Index-only tables
Exercise: Create a function-based index

2_6: Tuning Oracle sorting

When a sort is invoked (order by, group by, etc.)
Sorting with indexes vs internal sorting
Detecting disk sorts
Sorted Hash Clusters
Exercise: Force two sort methods

DAY 3: Advanced SQL Tuning Topics

3_1: Monitoring SQL Performance

Measuring end-to-end response time
Measuring SQL throughput
Using v$session_longops
Optional Exercise: Run plan9i.sql

3_2: Oracle DML Tuning

DML Tuning is not for neophytes
Oracle DML tuning
Optimizing Oracle SQL insert performance
High Impact insert Tuning Techniques
Tips for batch inserts
Low-impact insert techniques (% and % faster)
Tuning insert speed with the nologging option
Reverse key indexes and insert performance
Blocksize and insert performance
Oracle Delete & Update Tuning
High impact update techniques (over % faster):
Low-impact techniques (between % and % faster)
Using bulk binds for PL/SQL updates
Oracle subquery factoring (with clause) for DML

3_3: Tuning with materialized views and
temporary objects

Materialized views
Global temporary tables
Using scalar subqueries (WITH clause)
Simplifying complex SQL with temporary objects
Exercise: Re-write complex query using temporary tables and WITH clause

3_4: Tuning subqueries

Subquery Tuning and SQL
Types of SQL Subqueries
Tuning Guidelines for Subqueries
Avoiding SQL Subqueries
Subqueries in the where Clause
In vs. exists Subqueries
Same Results, Different Syntax and Plans
Non-correlated subquery:
Outer Join:
Correlated Subquery:
Tuning Scalar Subqueries
Scalar Subquery Performance
Removing Subqueries for Fast SQL Performance
Internals of Temporary Tables
Correlated vs. Non-correlated Subqueries
Tuning Correlated Subqueries
Automatic Rewriting not exists Subqueries
Automatic Rewriting exists Subqueries
Rewriting Non-equality Correlated Subqueries
Rewriting exists Subqueries with the rank Function
Subquery Hint Tuning
Subquery Tuning with Index Hints
Tuning Subqueries With the push_subq Hint
Table Anti-Join Hints
The merge_aj Hint
SQL Tuning With the hash_aj Hint
Exercise: Tune an anti-join

3_5: Troubleshooting bad SQL

Troubleshooting Problem SQL
The Holistic Approach to SQL Tuning
Troubleshooting Oracle SQL Bugs
What is Bad SQL?
Identifying Problem SQL
Troubleshooting with v$sql_plan
SQL Troubleshooting with v$sql_plan_statistics
Finding indexing opportunities
Exercise: Find top SQL hogs

3_6: Advanced Optimizer Statistics

Exporting/importing statistics
Statistics management
Exercise: Analyze schema and tables

Why learn Oracle on a cruise?

This is the best Oracle DBA training course anywhere, plus the learning environment is substantially enhanced by the "at sea" experience.  You will have nearly countless opportunities to interact with your expert instructor, an experienced Oracle DBA.

  We are limiting enrollees to ensure that every student gets personalized attention.

Book your class seat  Buy a seat in the Oracle Training Class at Sea 

For Oracle cruise details and booking information, send an e-mail to

Plus, you can bring your family, sharing your stateroom, combining your training with the ultimate family vacation. 


This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn Oracle DBA from working Oracle DBA experts.  We are only accepting a limited number of attendees, so call and reserve your spot now in this amazing Oracle DBA training.  Or visit the shopping cart where you can reserve your class seat online.
ook your class seat  Buy a seat in the Oracle Training Class at Sea 


BC Oracle Cruise Feedback

Paulo Portugal

Thank you for the amazing opportunity  to meet you, Janet, Robin, John, Steve and the BC group in person.  With this course I reached one of my dreams that was to learn from you and your team."

John O:

Great transfer of knowledge. [Having the training] on a cruise ship is great for networking.

Pete M:

Great! Hit on several tuning tips that we can quickly implement.

Tom P:

Fantastic! I learned something new each session that [was] beneficial.

Kevan R:

[The BC crew] answered questions I needed to roll out a Data Warehouse project.

Bill S:

Great! Course venue wonderful, networking opportunities good, ship great!




Oracle Training at Sea
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Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

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