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Oracle breaks 60,000 transactions per second barrier

Oracle has just announced a new world record TPC-C benchmark using an HP ProLiant ML350 G5 server , with Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One and Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.

This benchmark shows over 100,000 transactions per minute, easily breaking the 1,000 transaction per second barrier, but far short of the top performing benchmark of over 4m transactions per minute, over 60,000 transactions per second.

The full disclosure report for this benchmark notes the following Oracle customizations.  Note the use of multiple blocksizes and over six gigabytes in the data buffers:

  • db_cache_size = 3413M

  • db_8k_cache_size = 1280M

  • db_16k_cache_size = 3413M

  • log_buffer = 1048576

  • shared_pool_size = 640M

  • db_block_size = 2048

  • db_4k_cache_size = 20M

These benchmarks challenges IBM's IMS mainframe database which commonly record over 10,000 transactions per second.  Here are the top performing OLTP benchmarks for Oracle:

Rank Company System tpmC Price/tpmC System Availability Database Operating System TP Monitor Date Submitted Cluster
HP                  HP Integrity Superdome-Itanium2/1.6GHz/24MB iL3   4,092,799  2.93 US $ 08/23/07  Oracle Database 10g R2 Enterprise Edt w/Partitioning   HP-UX 11i v3   BEA Tuxedo 8.0   02/27/07 
IBM                 IBM System p5 595   4,033,378  2.97 US $ 01/22/07  IBM DB2 9   IBM AIX 5L V5.3   Microsoft COM+   01/22/07 
IBM                 IBM eServer p5 595   3,210,540  5.07 US $ 05/14/05  IBM DB2 UDB 8.2   IBM AIX 5L V5.3   Microsoft COM+   11/18/04 
IBM                 IBM System p 570   1,616,162  3.54 US $ 11/21/07  IBM DB2 Enterprise 9   IBM AIX 5L V5.3   Microsoft COM+   05/21/07 
IBM                 IBM eServer p5 595   1,601,784  5.05 US $ 04/20/05  Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition   IBM AIX 5L V5.3   Microsoft COM+   04/20/05 
Fujitsu             PRIMEQUEST 540 16p/32c   1,238,579  3.94 US $ 12/15/06  Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition   Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4.0   BEA Tuxedo 8.1   11/30/06 
HP                  HP Integrity Superdome – Itanium2/1.6 GHz-64p/64c   1,231,433  4.82 US $ 06/05/06  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edt SP1   Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Ed.(64-bit)SP1   Microsoft COM+   11/28/05 
HP                  HP Integrity rx5670 Cluster–Itanium2/1.5 GHz-64p/6  1,184,893  5.52 US $ 04/30/04  Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition   Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3   BEA Tuxedo 8.1   12/08/03 
IBM                 IBM eServer pSeries 690 Model 7040-681   1,025,486  5.43 US $ 08/16/04  IBM DB2 UDB 8.1   IBM AIX 5L V5.2   Microsoft COM+   02/17/04 
10  IBM                 IBM System p5 570 Model 9117-570   1,025,169  4.42 US $ 05/31/06  IBM DB2 UDB 8.2   IBM AIX 5L V5.3   Microsoft COM+   02/14/06 


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