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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle table growth reports

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson

Oracle provides time-series segment statistics for tables and index in the 10g Automated workload Repository tables (AWR).

Also see tracking row counts and block changes within tables. wri$_optstat_tab_history is only one of several ways to track table growth.  Also see tracking row counts and block changes within tables.  Also we have the ability to track the growth of the whole schema and database and database growth reports.

If you are pre-Oracle10g you can write your own tables to periodically examine and store object sizes for database growth reports by creating your own STATSPACK extension tables (See book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference", for ready to use scripts to create a stats$tab_stats and stats$idx_stats tracking tables).

In Oracle 10g and beyond, displaying table growth is easy because the dba_hist_seg_stat tables provides the delta value for every table and index (Note:  the "total" columns are not implemented as of Oracle 10.0.2).

You can also see the growth of the whole database with this Oracle growth tracking script.

Below is a great script to display table size changes between two periods. 

column "Percent of Total Disk Usage" justify right format 999.99
column "Space Used (MB)" justify right format 9,999,999.99
column "Total Object Size (MB)" justify right format 9,999,999.99
set linesize 150
set pages 80
set feedback off
select * from (select to_char(end_interval_time, 'MM/DD/YY') mydate, sum(space_used_delta) / 1024 / 1024 "Space used (MB)", avg(c.bytes) / 1024 / 1024 "Total Object Size (MB)",
round(sum(space_used_delta) / sum(c.bytes) * 100, 2) "Percent of Total Disk Usage"
   dba_hist_snapshot sn,
   dba_hist_seg_stat a,
   dba_objects b,
   dba_segments c
see code depot download for full scripts
begin_interval_time > trunc(sysdate) - &days_back
and sn.snap_id = a.snap_id
and b.object_id = a.obj#
and b.owner = c.owner
and b.object_name = c.segment_name
and c.segment_name = '&segment_name'
group by to_char(end_interval_time, 'MM/DD/YY'))
order by to_date(mydate, 'MM/DD/YY');

A sample of this report show the total database growth between the two snapshot periods.  Also see using v$datafile to track database growth

Historical table & index growth reports

select * from
    t.NAME "Tablespace", s.growth/(1024*1024) "Growth in MB",
    (SELECT sum(bytes)/(1024*1024*1024)
    FROM dba_segments
    WHERE segment_name=o.object_name) "Total Size(GB)"
    ( SELECT TS#,OBJ#,
        SUM(SPACE_USED_DELTA) growth
    ORDER BY 2 DESC ) s,
    v$tablespace t
AND s.TS#=t.TS# and o.owner='XXXXXX' and o.object_type='TABLE'
ORDER BY 6 DESC) where rownum<20;


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