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Don Burleson Blog 








There's no such thing as a impenetrable question?

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson

When I was a professor I always encouraged people to ask questions freely, saying that "There's no such thing as a stupid question".

However, there are incomprehensible questions.  I get almost 100 e-mails a day soliciting Oracle advice and many of them are lacking in detail.  Here is my list of hard-to-answer Oracle questions that I've received:

Question:  This is  murthy from india. I am expert in oracle dba , so pl let me know the updated news on behalf of your help?

Question:  I would want to know more information about course for newcomer in programation in Oracle  I'm very interested to make this course there.

Question:  I am working as senior oralce apps dba . i was surching some thing for oralce database tunning.

Question:  Please clear me in the following question?  Is there any website available in internet?

Question: I need a Help. I want that my Data of oracle will store on two Different please. Please tell me what is the procedure?

Question: Can you load the server object dynamically. If so, what are the major 3 steps involved in it.

Answer:  How do you know that there are three steps?


Question: Can't get to any of these sites (web site found, but can't display page).  Please fix internet as it is urgent.

Question: Can U tell me what is lookup code and lookup type?

Question: nice to meet you.
do you have a short way how to achieve OCM?  :(

Question: Please suggest me total knowledge of books

Question: Plz can u tell in the answer of given question in one or two lines. i mean short answer.  What is major difference between Oracle 9i and Oracle 10G. for this im very thankful to you, M. Mxxx (Oracle Certified Professional)

Answer: There is a whole book on 10g new features, and it's not possible to mention all of it in a few words!  I would say this: The major advantage of Oracle 10g is the Automated tools, facilitated by the AWR, plus the new Grid control features and improved code path optimization.

Question: Statspack is complicated (and with pletoric informations that i will not use, and i admit that i have problems to understand !). (may be i can simplify statspack ?) What could you advise me in my situation ?

Question: i have small doubt regardin logging and nologging operatios .

Question: can  u send some information regardin rollback segements clearly.becoz sometimes i'm getting confused of using rollback segemnts.

Question: There is a Siebel CRM application residing on an Oracle single instance Database. Data volume grows at a huge rate. What is the best query tuning recommendations in this particular scenario from Oracle.

Question: Sir, i want to remove the wide space on the right side of my form module, when ever i run it over browser it shows the form but with wide spce on right side how do i remove?

Question: I am using oracle 8i and d2k as front-end but when i save the data it shows the error code frm-40508, frm-40655,frm-40735 and think i need to first take the backup of data then reinstall the oracle 8i. just help me wat i need to do.

Question: This problem only arise on Linux machine and why  I already have setup Barcode fonts? Please help to extricate me from this problem. and also send me any documents, commands to solve it.  This is urgent.

Question: I would like to have a step wise guide to learn, implement, enhance, troubleshoot, modify i.e A to Z of Oracle Workflow.
Could you please help?

Demand: Kindly re-send the information/article sent to me on Oracle Disk (with sites given in this article) as I am unable to access it now. (I do not know how and why).

Demand: Hai! Donald it's very nice. I want ORACLE MAGAZINE,Plz give some information how i can get that ORACLE MAGAZINE.I'AM expecting +ve response from u.

Question: I have a situation in which the current senior dba may need a "hostile" termination.  I'm looking for ideas that might help us do damage control.

Question: I have to load tables more fastly. All data are duplicated but the select turn for each iteration.  If you can help me, I'm enjoy.

Demand: can you please change the picture of Burleson on the main page.  its scary

Question: I would like to know where to find the slander an defamtion laws in micigan on the internat  being a recent victim in a Yahoo group?

Question: Could you please provide some important tips on Oracle Forms?

Question: I am interested in a career in finance, will Oracle 11i be helpful in achieving my career objective?

Demand: I am new to oracle Stored Proceduers. Please help me to write a stored procedure in java. Its Urgent.

Question: So please advice, and be with me step by step.  and how can i take a scholarship with Oracle?.

Comment: I will apply online or will do some thing else, donot worry.

Question: hello SIR i am an oracle9i certified professional and now i am looking for oracle11i apps dba. am i right for it. can u give me some guidelines. which is in best oracle apps dba for me ?( technical or funcation). REPLY ASAP...................

Question:  Can anyone provide the details of 33 groups of PGA in oracle 9i?  Please provide the details ASAP.

Question: I am unterested in the course that you are offerung and how could I be a student of you.

Question:  Now after this how, where can I write the exam?

Question: i want any site that contain oracle tasks that i can do it at my home.  i want it more

Question: I want know when time start till what?

Question:  Can you bried me about taking the training course?














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