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Don Burleson Blog 








Ordering gourmet food online

Food Tips by Donald Burleson


Great food online

I live in the gastronomic wasteland of rural North Carolina where all foods are bland and deep fried, creating a dire dining situation that calls for extreme creativity.

One benefit in being in an exclusive country club is that you share a private restaurant with a small group and you can get personal attention from a classically-train executive chef.  At our private restaurant the members have their own food lockers where they can keep their personal delectables.  Some folks keep caviar and Dom, while some stash a few bottles of Ch?eau Mouton Rothschild for special occasions, but I stock-up with fine foods that are not easily obtained.

Some clubs hire from the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America) located in Poughkeepsie New York.  Computer professionals have known about the CIA for years (IBM is headquartered just a few miles away), and computer nerds flock to the CIA's six on campus restaurants.

Regardless of the food snobs, the web has made the world smaller and you can order fine food from around the USA with just a few mouse clicks.  Here are my favorites: 

Great Steaks

Super high grade steaks are a special treat, far better than the Grade A Angus beef found in mediocre restaurants.  The old ?Omaha Steaks? have become pass?and are being replaced by more high-end steaks such as those available by Smith & Wollensky of New York or the Capital Grille. 

Some folks like Kobe beef, but don't want Japanese beef.  Fortunately you can now get USA Kobe beef, delivered by mail, overnight.  Allen's sells two Kobe rib eye steaks by mail for only $139.95, a great deal.  Me, I buy from a secret producer that feed their beeves papaya, a natural meat tenderizer.



The giant U10-sized diver scallops are wondrous (the U10 means ten per pound) and a number if US producers can have them flown in fresh with overnight delivery.  Or only $9.00 each, you can even order U8's, sashimi-grade scallops with a great texture and flavor that you cannot find except in the finest restaurants.

Texas smoked BBQ

The Texas Style ribs and brisket at Coopers BBQ is a life-changing experience, and I order their brisket and ribs frequently.  Your chef just warms them up and serves them with sauce and Texas toast for a true Texan experience. 

Other BBQ by mail includes:

  • Corky's, Memphis, TN (800) 926-7597.
  • Charlie Vergos? Rendezvous, Memphis, TN (888) 464-7359.
  • Moonlite Bar-B-Q, Owensboro, KY (502) 684-8143.
  • Oklahoma Joe's BBQ and Catering, Kansas City, MO (913) 722-3366. 

Buffalo Wings

For real hot wings, you don't have to go to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo.  The Anchor Bar invented Buffalo wings and you can order them by mail for delivery coast-to-coast, but sadly, not with with the original Franks hot sauce (they make their own sauce now).  Me, I have my chef deep fry the wings in lots of real butter, and then just dunk in Franks Hot sauce.  Wonderful . . .  

Green Chile

Hatch New Mexico has the world's finest green chile.  You can buy a 50 lb bag and roast it yourself or get it canned or in a jar.  It's wonderful on grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and in New Mexico you can get green chile on your McDonald's hamburger.  Well worth the trouble.


Black & white Truffles

These wonderful fungus are now grown in North Carolina and Oregon, great news for those who detest all things French.

You can order USA truffles here.

Fine Cheeses

There is no need to mess with Frenchy cheese that smells like dirty socks.  Wisconsin has some of the world's best cheese, and it's all available via mail order. 

You can also check-out imported cheeses from Cheeses of Nazareth.


Also see my notes on a proper cheese course.


World best cheesecake: delivered anywhere


Many deli's claim to have the world's best cheesecake, but the Carnegie Deli gets my vote.  You can order a fantastic cheesecake online for quick delivery.  These cheesecakes make a great gift!




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