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RPM AuditPack for Oracle


RPM AuditPack - The complete auditing solution for Oracle

BC is the only place to get the "RPM - The Remote Preemptive Monitor for Oracle", the only Oracle monitor with proactive abilities to provide "early warning" for pending problems.  BC has more Oracle monitoring experience than anyone else, with the largest and oldest Oracle Remote DBA support.  Also see the valuable notes on Oracle Monitoring Best Practices.

BC consultants wrote the book on Oracle tuning with more than 50 bestselling books in-print, including five of the officially authorized Oracle Press books.  We have encapsulated our decades of Oracle monitoring experience into a single package with proactive capabilities to fix problems before they effect your database.

RPM for Oracle is a proactive Oracle monitoring solution, expert techniques that form a preemptive protection layer to ensure continuous availability of all mission-critical Oracle databases.

Why use RPM AuditPack for Oracle auditing?

The RPM AuditPack Oracle auditing service captures system-level Oracle event information for time-series analysis.  The AuditPack scripts interface with pre-defined Oracle audit tables to store time-series audit data on end-user logon and logoff activity, Oracle database audits of database DDL changes, and Oracle auditing of PL/SQL server errors.

AuditPack for Oracle provides a complete Oracle auditing solution for Oracle.  Unlike other expensive Oracle audit software packages, AuditPack does not have a cumbersome graphical interface. AuditPack is the ideal choice for Oracle professionals who need an easy and reliable way to audit user events, audit Oracle server errors and audit database changes:

Here is an example of the types of stunning trend reports that you can produce from the data inside AuditPack.

RPM AuditPack Reports

These reports help the Oracle DBA track PL/SQL server errors, and AuditPack is a great service for Oracle database change control functions.  The DDL reports show each and every schema change and allows you to reliable track and audit changes to your Oracle database.

Management Reports

The data from AuditPack can be easily plotted in a spreadsheet to help IT management track user access, audit database changes, and audit errors within their Oracle production environment.




Track all Database changes

With our DDL Oracle audit, you see every change that was made to your Oracle database. You get a weekly summary audit report of all production changes and a detail audit report showing exactly when the change was made.

Production Database Changes
                               Summary DDL Report

                           Changed                  Number of        
DDL_D USER_NAME            Object          Production Changes        
----- -------------------- --------------- ------------------        
08-06 APPS                 VIEW                             4        
08-07 GL_OWNER             TABLE                           13  
08-08 APPS                 INDEX                            1  
08-08 FIN                  VIEW                             2        
08-08 FIN                  INDEX                            9  
08-08 APPS                 INDEX                            5  
*****                                      ------------------        
sum                                                        34        

                          Production Database Changes
                   New Oracle objects created in the past week

Date/time         Object Object                                          
created           Type   Name                                            
----------------  ------ -------------------------------------                               
02-AUG-08  14:02 INDEX    GAL_IDX_COL14  
02-AUG-10  07:56 TABLE    GAL_TAB23      
02-AUG-10  12:32 INDEX    GAL_IDX_COL22  
02-AUG-11  09:44 SYNONYM  GAL_SYN_TAB14
02-AUG-11  20:02 TABLE    GAL_TAB_CUST
02-AUG-12  17:35 TABLE    GAL_TAB_ORDER          


Tue Dec 17                                                             page    1
                          Production Database Changes
                              Complete DDL Report

Date                    DDL       Object       Object                           
of DDL       User       Operation Type         Name                             
------------ ---------- --------  ------------ --------------------------       
12-16 04:25  JOAN       CREATE    TABLE        JOAN.INVEWNTORY       
12-16 08:14  BILL       ALTER     PROCEDURE    BILL.CUSTOMER_CALC        



Track all server errors - With our server error report, you can track hidden PL/SQL server errors.

                    Production Server Error Report
                 Investigate and correct faulty code

Date Hr    MESSAGE                                              Count
---------  --------------------------------------------------   ------
02-08-12   ORA-02289: sequence does not exist                     37
           ORA-01001: invalid cursor                              35
           ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT       29
           ORA-00942: table or view does not exist                25
           ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied      2

02-08-11   ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT        3

02-08-10   ORA-02289: sequence does not exist                     29
           ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT       28
           ORA-01001: invalid cursor                              27


Track all Oracle Changes - With our DDL report, you can track every change to your mission-critical Oracle database.

                           Production Database Changes
                               Summary DDL Report

                                     Changed                  Number of        
DDL_D USER_NAME                      Object          Production Changes        
----- ------------------------------ --------------- ------------------        
08-06 APPS                           VIEW                             4        
08-06 APPS                           TABLE                           23
08-06 APPS                           INDEX                           54       
08-06 APPS                           PACKAGE                         13
*****                                                ------------------        
sum                                                                  94      


Track all user activity - With our user reports, you can track when someone signed-on and how long they were on the database. Because AuditPack tracks user activity over time, you can correlate multiple metrics into single reports.

Day        User       Minutes
---------- ---------- -------
02-03-06   APPLSYSPUB       0
           APPS           466
           OPS$ORACLE       7
           PERFSTAT        11

02-03-07   APPLSYSPUB       5
           APPS         1,913
           BUSJAN           1
           HANEDI           5
           OPS$ORACLE       6
           PERFSTAT       134
           SYS             58



AuditPack Service Features

  • Full version Support - Supports all versions of Oracle

  • Complete auditing - Captures user log-on, log-off, DDL changes and PL/SQL server error auditing.

  • Great Reports - Comes with pre-written SQL*Plus scripts to quickly generate Oracle audit and Oracle DBA change control reports.

  • No Cumbersome GUI tool - Oracle AuditPack allows you to directly manipulate and summarize auditing data directly from standard Oracle SQL.

  • For the professional - Oracle system-level triggers populate special tables with detailed user, DDL and error auditing information. You can create custom-reports directly from these audit tables.

  • Fast Results - In as little as one day, our OCP certified DBA can fully install AuditPack for Oracle auditing of system events.

  • Low Cost - Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on Oracle auditing software when you can have a simple and flexible solution right at your fingertips?

  • Guaranteed Results - You receive up to four hours of free expert technical support to assist with the installation, configuration and Oracle audit reporting.




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