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                          Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonApril  18, 2015

Question:  How do I use the dba_hist_sqlbind table to get historical data values for a SQL statement? I know that the dba_hist_sqlbind table keeps a running tally of bind variable values but I want to get a script that will show me the actual bind variables that are used by a sigen SQL ID. What is the script to display bind variables for SQL?

Answer:  Oracle's AWR keeps track of bind variables in SQL statements in the dba_hist_sqlbind view. Here is a script that will display the values of all bind variables for a given SQL statement. Note that dba_hist_sqlbind is valuable for system testing when you want to re-create a SQL statement along with its bind variables.

Also see my notes on historical bind variable usage"


   dba_hist_sqlbind sb,
   dba_hist_snapshot sn
   sb.sql_id='jkbkjgctbjjkbk' -- Your SQL ID here
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