Subscribe to Oracle News via RSS:

If you are using an RSS reader such as Sharp reader, etc, all you need to-do is paste-in the Oracle News URL: 

Add Oracle News RSS Feed to your web site:

First you need to go to our RSS Viewer Configuration form so you can create a JavaScript that you can paste into your own site. Clicking on the link will open a new browser window with the form in it so you can continue to read these instructions. Click the link now, and refer to this page whenever you need help filling out the form.

When you're finished you'll have a news feed that looks something like this to place on your own site:

For the most part, you need only concern yourself with the highlighted areas shown in the screen captures below. Let's see what the settings do.

Fill in the highlighted areas with the settings you require for your site.

Please leave the address in the URL field as it is. It's set to the location of our feed file at

Max items should be set to 4. This will show the 4 latest news items

Descriptions should be set to Hide. This will display only the titles of the news items, not their descriptions. Our feed only contains news titles anyway, so if you check Descriptions to Show, you'll just see the title twice in your feed.

Table width should be set to a width that will allow your feed to fit with the rest of your ads or in your footer. In this case it's set to 122 pixels.

Hyperlink target should be set to _blank, which will open the news item in a new window.

Leave the other settings at their defaults.

Next we'll move on to the color settings.

In this case, we're interested in setting the Border color and Item Title Text. If you want, you can also set the other colors to match your site. If you'd like to see some color options to use in your news feed, visit Color Toy.

Border is set to #00359e (blue)

Item Title Text is set to #0000ff which is the default blue for hyperlinks.

Now for the final steps.

Here comes a very important step. Set Mode to Javascript Newsbox. Finally, click the Go! button to get the JavaScript you need to display your feed and to see how the resulting feed will look.

To subscribe to your new feed, copy and paste the text from and including <script language="javascript" to </script>. If you want some space between the news feed and other items on your page, you can place it between two paragraph tags, which look like this: <p></p>. That's all there is to it.