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Infinite Penguins RSS Viewer v0.14b

Viewer configuration options


Show feed title Show / Hide Newsboxes only
Show image if available Show / Hide Newsboxes only
Show textbox if available Show / Hide Newsboxes only
Max items (0=all)All modes
DescriptionsShow / Hide Newsboxes only
Limit item title to characters (0=no limit)Newsboxes and roller
  if over
Limit description to characters (0=no limit)Newsboxes only
  if over
Table widthNewsboxes only
XML button linkNewsboxes only
Decode from UTF8Newsboxes and roller
Hyperlink target: <a target="">Newsboxes only
Make complete HTML page (for IFRAME)Newsboxes only
Link to external style sheet (specify URL)Complete pages only
Apply fading affectRoller only
Set CSS classes instead of explicit stylesNewsboxes only - view source of generated newsbox to see class names.
Colours (#rrggbb format)
(Used only for roller if 'Set CSS classes' is chosen)
Border: Newsboxes only
Header Background: Newsboxes only
Header Text: Newsboxes only
Item Title Background: Newsboxes and roller
Item Title Text: Newsboxes and roller
Item Background: Newsboxes only
Item Text: Newsboxes only
Javascript Newsbox
Javascript Roller (fade-in)
Javascript Ticker (This mode is unsupported - it crashes browsers)
Server-side Newsbox
Turn on Magpie debug

To use the viewer as you see it, use this URL in your server-side include:
For an iframe, just add the following to your page:
<iframe width="320" height="750" src="">
The syntax of server-side includes will depend on the language in use on your webserver.

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