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Rampant Oracle In-Focus Series


  Oracle SQL*Plus Reports
Fast reporting with SQL and SQL*Plus

John Garmany
ISBN 0-9727513-7-8 
Publication Date - December  2003
Retail Price $27.95
/  17.95 


Click here to pre-order on Amazon.

Written by a distinguished graduate of West Point, Col. Garmany leverages his 20+ years of experience into an indispensable guide for any Oracle professional who must quickly implement Oracle reporting. A noted instructor, author and lecturer, Col. John Garmany leverages his ability to explain complex issues in Plain English into a one-of-a-kind book.  John Garmany targets his decades of SQL*Plus experience into this must-have book.  Intended for anyone who need to extract Oracle data and format reports, John reveals the secrets of quickly and easily producing stunning reports from Oracle.

Unknown to most Oracle professionals, special SQL extraction techniques and SQL*Plus commands can be used to quickly create complex reports, without buying expensive third-party reporting tools.  Best of all, Colonel Garmany shares dozens of working samples in his online code depot. Your time savings from a single script is worth the price of this great book.

Key Features:

  • Shows secrets for quickly creating and printing reports from Oracle data.

  • Comes with an online code deport with working examples of Oracle reports.

  • Describes the use of all SQL*Plus commands including column heading, column format, compute and break

  • Shows how to incorporate Oracle8i analytic functions in Oracle reports

  • Contains working SQL*Plus scripts to get you started fast.

  • Presents tricks for writing complex SQL in incremental stages.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Using SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus.

Chapter 2: Incremental approach to Oracle reporting.

Chapter 3: Writing the SQL. 

Chapter 4: Spooling and viewing report output.   

Chapter 5: Formatting data. Creating summaries and breaks.


About the Author:


John Garmany


  Colonel John Garmany is a graduate of West Point, an Airborne Ranger and a retired Lt. Colonel with 20+ years of IT experience. John is an OCP Certified Oracle DBA with a Master Degree in Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering, and a BS degree (Electrical Engineering) from West Point.  A respected Oracle expert and author, John serves as a writer for Oracle Internals, DBAZine and  John is the author of "Logical Database Design - Principles & Practices" by CRC Press, the "Oracle9iAS Administration Handbook" by Oracle Press and "Oracle Replication - Snapshot, Multi-master & Materialized Views Scripts" and "Oracle SQL*Plus Reports - Fast reporting with SQL and SQL*Plus" by Rampant TechPress.




    P. O. Box 511
Kittrell, NC, 27544