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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle Directory Services Training Class

A five day on-site Oracle Directory Services Training Course

2016 by Burleson Corporation

This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices



Key Features

* Learn the benefits of effective identity management solutions

*  Installation and configuration of Oracle Internet Directory

* Learn about security options of Oracle Internet Directory

* Learn about password management and password verifiers in Oracle Internet Directory

* Learn about integrating Oracle Internet Directory with existing directories

* Learn about server chaining

* Investigate replication options with Oracle Directory Services

* Learn the features of Oracle Virtual Directory 


Course Description

The primary goal of this course is to prepare the students to Oracle Directory Services administration.  This Oracle Directory Services course is an intensive 5-day course is designed to provide Oracle Directory Services professionals with an in-depth understanding of the features of Oracle Directory Services and the use of Oracle Virtual Directory.

Broad in scope, this course covers all aspects of Oracle Directory Services  including Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Internet Directory,  Oracle Directory Integration Platform, replication options for Oracle Internet Directory  and Oracle Virtual Directory.

Book Required



This Oracle Directory Services training is designed for practicing Oracle Directory Services professionals, but it is useful to anyone interested in learning Oracle Directory Services.  This includes sales staff, engineering support staff, web administration staff and any other technical administration staff using Oracle Directory Services.  The course assumes a basic knowledge of computer programming techniques and LDAP terms and concepts.

Curriculum Design

This Oracle Directory Services training was designed by experienced Oracle Directory Services administrators with extensive real-world experience.

Learning Objectives:

The primary objective of this Oracle Directory Services training is to provide each student with the knowledge and secrets to be successful as a practicing Oracle Directory Services professional.  The student will gain confidence in their Oracle Directory Services admnistration knowledge and learn the tricks of installing, configuring, administering and maintaining effective Oracle Directory Services.

Oracle Directory Services Administration Training Class

Copyright © 2016 by Burleson Corporation

Overview Oracle Directory Services

* Purpose
* Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
* Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
* Identity Management
    * Importance
    * Terminology
    * Available Options

Oracle Internet Directory

* Installation
    * System Requirements
    * Planning for Deployment
    * Execute Install
* After Installation
    * Setting up environment
    * Launching OracleAS Control Console

* Architecture
    * Directory vs. OLTP
    * Directory and LDAP
    * Directory Schemas
    * Directory Information Tree

* Directory Server Administration
    * Tools
    * Oracle Directory Manager
    * Configuring OID Logging
    * Monitoring OID

*Directory Data Administration
    * Managing Entries
    * Using LDAP commands
    * Using BULK commands
    * Backup and Restore with LDIF files

* Directory Schema Administration
    * Data Integrity Options
    * Constraints on attribute uniqueness
    * Insuring referential integrity
    * Managing OID Schema objects

* Directory Security
    * Password managment
    * Special user management
    * Wallet creation
    * Establishing auditing
    * Understanding OID audit logs

* Server Chaining

* Replication Concepts
    * Types of replicas
    * Directory Replication Groups
    * Data transfer
    * LDAP replication and failover
        * Rules of LDAP based replication
        * Full one-way or two way LDAP install and configuration
    * ASR replication

Oracle Directory Integration Platform

* Concepts
* Installation
* Overview of Synchronizatioin
* Default Profiles
* Oracle Directory Integration Server
    * Event sequence
    * Registering
    * Starting and Stopping
* Debugging
* Access control

* Synchronization Services Administration
    * Mapping rules
    * Registering services
    * Using the assistant
    * Manage Directory Synchronization Profile
    * Synchronizing with relational database tables
    * Troubleshooting

* Integration with Other Directories
    * Sun Java System Directory Server Express and Custom Configuration
    * Microsoft Active Directory Configuration

* Windows Native Authentication

* Oracle Password Filter

Oracle Virtual Directory

* Overview and Concepts
* Installation
* Adapters
    * LDAP Proxy
    * Database
    * NT

* Advanced Topics Available
    * Join view adapter
    * Plug ins
    * Mapping




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