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Don Burleson Blog 







Java J2EE Web Services Training Course

 A five-day on-site J2EE Web Class

© 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation

This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices

Key Features

* Understand J2EE Internals.

* Learn J2EE structures, operators and strings.

* Use J2EE classes.

* See J2EE interface classes and object cloning.

* Create J2EE Graphical User Interfaces.




Course Description

This is an intensive course designed to rapidly learn Java web programming with J2EE.  This J2EE class will cover the use of procedural J2EE working with real-world examples and exercises. 


Book Recommended

  J2EE Web Services

Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0321146182


The student should have a basic understanding of computer programming.  It is also a plus to have object oriented concepts including inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation.

Curriculum Design

This course was designed by Steve Karam, an experienced programming professional with many years of J2EE and J2EE Experience.

J2EE Web Services Training Course
Syllabus Topics

1. An Overview of J2EE 1.4 Web Services.

The J2EE Platform.

The Technologies of Web Services.

The J2EE Web Service APIs.


2. XML Basics.


XML Primer.

XML Namespaces.


3. The W3C XML schema language.


XML Schema Basics.

Advanced XML Schema.


4. SOAP.


The Basic Structure of SOAP.

SOAP Namespaces.

SOAP Headers.

The SOAP Body.

SOAP Messaging Modes.

SOAP Faults.



5. WSDL.


The Basic Structure of WSDL.

WSDL Declarations: The definitions, types, and import Elements.

The WSDL Abstract Interface: The message, portType, and operation Elements.

WSDL Messaging Exchange Patterns.

WSDL Implementation: The binding Element.

WSDL Implementation: The service and port Elements.

WS-I Conformance Claims.


6. The UDDI Data Structures.


The businessEntity Structure.

The businessService and bindingTemplate Structures.

The tModel Structure.

The publisherAssertion Structure.

UUID Keys.

WS-I Conformance Claims.


7. The UDDI Inquiry API.


General Information about UDDI SOAP Messaging.

The Inquiry Operations.


8. The UDDI Publishing API.


Operation Definitions and Payloads.

Fault Messages.



9. JAX-RPC Overview.


The Server-Side Programming Models.

The Client-Side Programming Models.

Other JAX-RPC Topics Covered.



10. JAX-RPC Service Endpoints.


A Simple JSE Example.

The JSE Runtime Environment.

Multi-threading and JSEs.


11. JAX-RPC EJB Endpoints.


An Enterprise JavaBeans Primer.

Enterprise JavaBeans Web Services.


12. JAX-RPC Client APIs.


Generated Stubs.

Dynamic Proxies.



13. SAAJ.


A Simple SAAJ Example.

Creating a SOAP Message.

Working with SOAP Documents.

Working with SOAP Faults.

Sending SOAP Messages with SAAJ.

SAAJ 1.2 and DOM 2.


14. Message Handlers.


A Simple Example.

Handler Chains and Order of Processing.

The Handler Runtime Environment.


15. Mapping Java to WSDL and XML.


Mapping WSDL to Java.

Mapping XML Schema to Java.


Faults and Java Exceptions.



16. Getting Started with JAXR.


Using a UDDI Test Registry.

Connecting to a UDDI Registry.

Using the RegistryService and BusinessLifeCycleManager.

The BulkResponse Type.



17. The JAXR Business Objects.


The RegistryObject Interface.

The Organization Information Object.


18. The JAXR Technical Objects.


The Service and ServiceBinding Information Objects.

The Concept Information Object.

The SpecificationLink Information Object.

The Association Information Object.

Predefined Enumerations.


19. The JAXR Inquiry and Publishing APIs.


Mapping JAXR to the UDDI Inquiry API.

Mapping JAXR to the UDDI Publishing API.


20. SAX2.


Parsing with SAX: XMLReaderFactory and XMLReader.

The ContentHandler and DefaultHandler Interfaces.

Validating with W3C XML Schema.


21. DOM 2.


Parsing with DOM: DocumentBuilderFactory and DocumentBuilder.


Building a DOM Document.

Copying Nodes.


22. J2EE Deployment.


Overview of the J2EE Deployment Process.

J2EE Web Services Deployment.

Deploying JSEs.

Deploying EJB Endpoints.

Service References.


23. Web Service Descriptors.


The wsdl-file and wsdl-port Elements.

The port-component-name Element.

The service-endpoint-interface Element.

The service-impl-bean Element.

The jaxrpc-mapping-file Element.

The handler Element.


24. JAX-RPC Mapping Files.


Conditions for a Lightweight JAX-RPC Mapping File.

A Lightweight Example.

A Heavyweight Example.

Anatomy of a Mapping File.

Wrapping Up.

24. JAX-RPC Mapping Files.

Conditions for a Lightweight JAX-RPC Mapping File.

A Lightweight Example.

A Heavyweight Example.

Anatomy of a Mapping File.

Wrapping Up.


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