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Don Burleson Blog 







Comments on Don Burleson

"Letís face it ó if you work in Oracle and havenít heard about Don Burleson, you must either be very new or not interested in learning about your profession." - DBAZine

You are just awesome.  And your website is helping us in many ways.  By my personal experience, whenever I have any doubt on any issues I look for your web site. Even in my office, we refer your web site instead of  I have lots of words to express my feelings but can’t write it here. Last but not the least, your blog is the "Guardians of the Galaxy" for the developers.

10/29/15 - Bikash Kumar Patra

Don Burleson:  Bobby Durrett

I have all the Oracle books from Rampant TechPress, You guys rock! - 2/21/14 - Shiv Iyer

I love your work and appreciate you sharing with the IT Community - 9/30/13 - Thomas Perry, SphereCom Enterprises

Once again your website proved to be one of the most helpful. I've had a nodding acquaintance with sql and databases my whole career (20+ years) as a software engineer. However, until about 2 years ago, I didn't have to use it much. Then I joined a project where I needed to learn a lot quickly in this area. Some of my questions, no one on our team could answer so I'd google for the answer or explanation. Time and again, your website was listed in the top ten or so.

I usually read or at least skim several different sources for an answer. StackOverflow has been good too as are the Oracle forums but inevitably I get the answer I need from your website.
Today, I needed to know how to turn off the old/new verification lines when using a variable in an sql script.

Not only did I find that but I ran across a buried gem. When I found it I felt like I'd been given the Arkenstone. This actual piece of information that poked me to write you was how to do history on the sqlplus command line (the forward slash)!  I and many others have been wanting to know this for a very long time and thought it did not exist. (not allowed to install anything on the Linux side.)

I'm just writing now to let you know you have helped me a lot over the last couple years and I appreciate it.
Good job!
Marie Alm.   9//18/2013

18 July 2015

I learned my DBA/Database Architect career reading your books. Thanks again Don.. Keep rocking :)

Shiv Iyer

15 October 2015

Thank you very much for inviting me for dinner and there after allowing me to take photograph.  Thank you very much for the love and care that you have shown to me......I will never forget these beautiful moments in my life........

Thanks & Regards
Mithu Kurian        

10 February 2011  

Itís really a great honour for a witless creature like me to become your disciple and itís a great and extraordinary privilege for me to know you.  

Vishith Kumar

13 April 2015

You are awesome!  I love your Oracle advice.  Half the time I stumble upon what I need at your website. 

Margaret Lane

17 January 2015

I hereby writing to give you thanks for your invisible help.  I had faced lot of problem while installing oracle 10g but it become very easier when I had gone through your tips, mentioned in your site.

I am an engineering student of sixth semester.  That's why I have to install oracle 10g for my study purpose.

Again thanks a lot to you sir.

Yours faithfully,

Ashwani Kumar Jha

08 October 2009

I visited the link below and was pleasantly surprised at your clear and straightforward explanation of the WITH clause in Oracle.   I have bookmarked your site and will now use this as my primary research tool.   Thanks so much. Regards,  

Bill Jackson

05 May 2009

Several of my friends and I graduated from RIT just yesterday. Many of us took courses in database, and since our department focuses its attention primarily on the Oracle DBMS, we found the information you've posted on your websites to be indispensable.

One might say that you've become a cult hero of the RIT IT department.

We've paid many tributes, in the form of a giant poster on the wall of a lab, an April Fool's Day prank, and a web search tool targeted only at your sites (to filter out all the other crap).

I subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago when one of my friends described it as quite entertaining.

Thanks for all the help you've given us along the way, and for the continued quality of the content you post to your blog.

Zack Panitzke

30 April 2009

Thanks Donald for coming out with the book Oracle 9i  High Performance Tuning with STATSPACK and for your web site.
Many times it has put me on the right track and it looks like it did as well for others sites like that reference your examples.

Heidi Schmidt
Malden MA

Just wanted to mention that when I search for info on how to do something, your site always provides the answer quickly and concisely.

The examples are always expressed in a manner that allows me to figure out how to handle a particular situation!  I really appreciate what you guys do and how you do it!   


Mark Marchwicki
The Pentagon
14 April 2009

Wow... during my Oracle Performance Firefighting and my Forecasting  Oracle Performance class some of my students told me I should check out your dress code and redneck sub web-site. So during a lunch break I did. In a single word; impressive. . .

For sure, my level of respect for you (hopefully this is not a gauge of anyone's self-worth, eh?) has skyrocketed.

Craig Shallahamer

Just wanted to give you a personal "Thank You" for being out there for us oracle novices.

Your contributions to my posts are inspiring and have unquestionably helped our project. Not to give away too much, but it has to do with safety in aviation and that is a very important thing nowadays.

Darren Braynard

The RMOUG 2006 speaker feedback is in:

  • "Excellent, very comprehensive, useful information"

  • "Very dynamic speaker - great"

  • " Very funny, very interesting and informative - great"

  • "Very useful information, well presented, extremely helpful to me"

  • "Awesome presenter!"

  • "Great presenter! Has a passion for what he does and it came through in his presentation and material. He knows more than what he can deliver in such a short period."

I just want to say, I started working with your techniques Oracle 8.05. I met you at a seminar. With your help, I am able to blow Oracle consultants out of the water on tuning etc. Just want to say thanks!


Jeff Tantleff
J.M. Family Vehicle Distribution

I have read a lot of books. But yours are the best, and the "silver bullet" book is the best of all. And I wanted to thank you for helping me be a better DBA.

Earl Shaffer

You really have too much talent - you should have had your own talk show. Howard Stern has no talent compared to you.

Charles Mansfield
CP&L Corporation

Just wanted to say that Don's book "Creating a Self-Tuning Oracle Database" is, without any doubt, the most important Oracle book I have ever bought!!!!

It's just a fantastic book! For me, it's not just the great scripts, the easy-to-understand style, or the handy code deport that make this book so marvelous, but that it has inspired me to roll up my sleeves and dig into the database, so to speak, and find stuff out for myself.

This book is worth its weight in gold!

Kind Regards,

Richard Armstrong-Finnerty
GE Life
Oracle DBA

Love your books !!! Keep up the great work, your expert advice has saved our customers a boatload of time and money.

Tom Strelka
Honeywell Corporation

These days I like reading Burleson's books a lot and found new interests in his articles too.  In particular I use the book Oracle 9i High Performance Tuning With Statspack by well known Oracle guru Don Burleson. This book is really worth going buying it and gives you a complete picture of interpreting Statspack reports.

I have met with huge success following your tuning strategy in my current project. Personally those scripts which give a good analysis of how objects are analyzed (FTS, Index FFS, etc) are my favorite ones.

Lakshminarayanan Seshadri

(Don Burleson) is a true genius in the Oracle world that has dedicated a good part of his career to teaching Oracle DBAs everywhere how to do their jobs better.   

Duncan Lamb

And then came the second truly wonderful session Iíve attended this year: ďOracle 10g SQL Tuning SecretsĒ presented by Donald Burleson. Mr. Burleson is an engaging speaker, with lots of great information, and apparently a life long addiction to uppers.

Really, this man presents his material with the same zeal as a used car salesman in a late night TV commercial, but with far less reliance on lies, exaggerations and outright BS.

Want to know how strong his personality is? Part way through his session, he lost the mic momentarily and I, sitting in the back of one of the largest rooms at the conference, didnít notice based on the volume, only based on the more natural tone to his voice. This man clearly loves tuning SQL.

Liam Johnson

Usually I never buy Oracle Press Books simple because in the past the books told you how Oracle "Should" work... not how it actually "Does". So I was extremely weary when a fellow Oracle DBA recommended this book to me. This book has radically changed my view on Oracle Press Publications (yes, some are worth the money).

G. R. Johnson
Brisbane Australia

I've watched your web cast twice now and am sure I'll probably view it again.  There is so much information in the 1 hour, that you can't take it all in only watching it once.

Joni Redman

Don Burleson's article is rated #1 for 2003 on

In great part thanks to you, I have learned much about Oracle (i.e. the "real things") and UNIX. I have many of your books and follow your site / articles religiously.  in my mind, you're one of the very few genuine 'gurus' out there - too many charlatans are getting too much respect.

Jonathan Reinhart

I have great respect for your oracle knowledge and also thank you for providing valuable tips on the oracle's meta link forum.

Bhupendra Sinha

I just purchased your book High Performance Tuning with Statspack and it's great!!  I really enjoy all of the examples and explanations.

Noelle A. Stimely, OCP
Lead Oracle Database Administrator
City of Garland

Thank you for helping me look good.  I am the CIO at Saint Joseph Hospital and have heard you speak several times at Infotec as the Keynote Speaker and also at the CIO small group sessions.  I sincerely appreciate your taking the assignment to help fix our current Oracle problem.  My staff was extremely frustrated and greatly have enjoyed working with you. 

Sharon Welna
Chief Information Officer
Saint Joseph Hospital

Recently, I bought your two latest books: Oracle High-Performance  Tuning with STATSPACK and Oracle High-Performance SQL Tuning. The books clearly are the best on the market. Thank you very much for writing them.

Stephen Plisko

I really enjoy reading your books on Statspack and SQL tuning, and I'm wondering if you are planning on writing any other books in the near future?

Vincent Black

Thanks for your little book, named "Unix for Oracle DBAs - Pocket Reference".  Your book is a useful collection of experience, tips and techniques about how a DBA can maintain good control of Oracle and Unix...
Sven Bleckwedel

Just read your book conclusion in above title and thought I 'd take you up on your offer. I find your book really useful and was delighted when I found it on the Oracle Press book list.

James Atkinson
Oracle Corporation

I just attended your  presentation on and you did excellent job. You  show us a lot off important hot spots about RAC. It  is very important understand HOW RAC works, without forget another investments that are necessary to give High Availability to our business.

Luiz Antonio Zanetti Seixas
RepresentaÁ„o Operacional, SP

Excellent presentation, what I actually got to hear and see of it.  Is there anyway to view it again?  You were crisp in your delivery; answered the questions as if you had received the questions weeks ago and could prepare your answers.  I am impressed!     Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to view your presentation.

Jame Gaston
Rochester, NY

I have never seen you in person before, but have your books.  Wow, I had no idea tuning/performance could be such great entertainment material. You were the highlight of the forums, thanks for being there!  Everyone I talked to gave you raves, you need a bigger room next year.

M. J. Allen
San Diego Data Processing Corporation

Don Burleson is one of the most exciting and dynamic instructors that we can get - We ask him back to our conference every year.

Scott Petit
AIM Institute

Surprisingly comprehensive coverage of Oracle Tuning

The title belies the broad scope of this wonderful book. It's not just a "How-To-Do-Statspack" book but gives a comprehensive approach to tuning Oracle from top to bottom including: tuning the environment (server, disk, network), tuning the Oracle instance (SGA), tuning Oracle objects (tables, indexes, segments), and finding and tuning problem SQL statements. From a very comprehensive 'everything-that-touches-Oracle'; perspective the author ties it all together with real life metrics from statspack. For example, most authors barely make mention of tuning Oracle for the network but I found some great Net8 tuning advice right away. It also comes with tuning tips for PQO and OPS. Some may think the top down approach de-emphasizes SQL tuning but not so. The author even tells how to tune 3rd party applications where you can't touch the underlying SQL code.

The book comes with a wealth of supplied scripts. The author even shows how you can do trend analysis and graph your own performance metrics with free packages like "RRDtool" and other free web-based graphing tools. You can spend $1000's on a 3rd party monitoring package and still not understand tuning or you can buy this book, use the scripts and statspack utility that comes with Oracle, tune the database with understanding, then observe and document the improvements you made with captured statistics.

Steve Orr, Bozeman Montana

From the Seminar "Oracle for 64-bit on Windows", Dallas Texas, November 17, 2003

"Don Burleson rocks!"
"The best presentation on ANY oracle subject I've seen.  Too bad this wasn't an 8 hour seminar!"

"One of the best Oracle 1/2 (day) seminars attended"

From the Seminar "Oracle for 64-bit on Windows", New York  City, November 12, 2003

"One of the most informative and worthwhile seminars I have attended this year."
"Don Burleson was outstanding."
"Don Burleson is a technology and communications genius!"

Yours and Mike Ault's articles, presentations and seminars have been extremely helpful and a major motivational force during my 10 years of involvement with Oracle. Hope you keep up the good work and keep us and the rest of the market going.

Saqib Zulfiqar
IS Manager,
Fathi Taleb & Sons Group of Cos.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Don Burleson is one of the most exciting and dynamic speakers that we can get - We ask him back to our conference every year.

Scott Petit, InfoTec Conference Chairman.

Don an extremely entertaining speaker and you won't want to rest your eyes during his presentations.  I never miss a chance to go to his seminars, even when I know the topic because he offers a wealth of information that is always useful and practical.

John Palinski, Computer expert and author.

Our daily lives are full of unknowns and uncertainties--especially if you are a DBA or a database developer. Sure, there are exceptions like Don Burleson --check out Don's audio presentation last week...yikes, this guy knows his stuff!

Tim DiChiara - SearchOracle

Just a note of thanks for your tip on adding and removing carriage returns in MS Word:

You my scenario exactly right, i.e. copy and paste from a web page to Word - need to remove the extra line break but Word does not have a "Paste Special" that will do this automatically.    I figured there must be a way to do this.  I had the right idea: replace two carriage returns with one.  But I couldn't get Find/Replace to accept a cut and paste of the carriage return symbol.  I doubt I ever would have figured out that the CR symbol can be represented as ^p had it not been for your tip.  It was at the top of the google returns when I searched for "remove line breaks in MS Word".  Perfect.  This is so handy to know!  Thank you.

John Gleason notes that the most popular Live Expert Q&A Webcast for 2002 was author Don Burleson's Oracle expert tuning secrets.

Book Review: UNIX for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference

Book Review: Oracle9i High-Performance Tuning with STATSPACK





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