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Don Burleson Blog 







VMware: Application Development

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

An area that offers non-software vendors, i.e. companies doing their own customer specific database application development, an opportunity to leverage these same techniques are predefined database application project development environments. A central data architecture and/or database tools group might create several database version and application nature templates to support projects their company may undertake. Examples might include:

  • Oracle 10g for OLTP

  • Oracle 10g for Data Warehousing

  • Oracle 10g for mixed usage

For each of these, they might offer different packing options based upon the development tools to be used. So, for example, the 10g for OLTP might come with the database preconfigured for precompiler support, whereas the data warehousing solution would come with ETL tool support preconfigured. Having such templates readily available would provide two key benefits. First, it would provide a simple yet reliable mechanism for application development to quick start their database application development efforts. But more importantly, it would foster enterprise level adherence to standards since all teams would start from the same virtual machine templates.

Education & Learning

Here is another area where using a virtual machine might not seem as readily apparent, but which supports all the concepts above. Lets assume that you go to an Oracle training class and in that class they provide you with your own self-contained virtual machine for doing the programming assignments and labs. They get the benefit of easy setup for each and every class, no matter what the size. You get the benefit of bringing your learning environment home with you. That way, you can continue to expand upon those principles or refresh those concepts at a later date when the material is more significant to tasks at hand. And since many Oracle specialty or reference books attempt to achieve the same end result as a class, they should also include a virtual machine for the topics covered.

Books Virtual Machine

It would be silly to express the prior opinion and then not include a virtual machine with this text. Therefore, I have created what I hope can serve as a useful, self-contained virtual machine for basic Oracle database learning and experimentation. Plus, it can serve as an example of how one might construct their own library of virtual machine templates as discussed above.

The DVD in this book contains a virtual machine which includes the following preinstalled and optimized for generic database usage:

  • CentOS Linux 4.5, with all current patches at the time

  • Oracle 10g Release 2 Express Edition (Oracle freeware)

  • Oracle SQL Developer for Linux (Oracle freeware)

  • Four Free or Open Source ERP products schema objects

The following information will be necessary for using this VM:

  • Linux logins

    • root/root123

    • oracle/oracle

  • Oracle logins

    • sys/mgr

    • system/manager

    • dba/dba      (sample DBA type account)

    • dev/dev      (sample developer type account)

  • Oracle Application Xpress URL

  • SQL Developer install location

    • /opt/sqldeveloper

  • Oracle RDBMS install location

    • /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0

You can read more about the Open Source ERP products at:

Below in Figures 1 and 2 are screen snapshots showing the database up and running and being inspected via SQL Developer and Oracle Application Express (which has been set as the web browsers default home and bookmarked as well): 

Figure 1:  Screen of Database in SQL Developer

Figure 2:  Screen of Database in Oracle Application Express


In this chapter, we examined the many possibilities of using Oracle database virtual machines. It is not just an interesting and exciting technology; it also has numerous practical usages with the traditional DBA prevue. We just need to embrace and propagate such techniques. The book includes a DVD consisting of a template virtual machine with Oracle Express Edition (i.e. XE) and some free or open source ERP objects.

This is an excerpt from
Oracle on VMWare: Expert tips for database virtualization by Rampant TechPress.


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