Reliable capacity planning for Oracle

Determining the future size of Oracle tables, the size of Oracle indexes, and the overall tablespace size is a formidable challenge which depends on many factors:

- Your blocksize (db_block_size) - How many rows will fit into a data block?

- Your PCTFREE - At what point do you move a data block off of the freelist?

- Your average row length - What is your avg_row_len in dba_tables?

- How are you implementing your freelists (i.e. using ASSM (bitmap freelists))?

- And many, many other internal factors that effects the total size of tablespaces, tables and indexes.

Oracle capacity planning generally involves these decisions

- Get tablespace sizing computations.

- See Oracle table sizing rules and index sizing spreadsheets.

- Get a framework for Oracle capacity planning.

- Get SGA sizing calculations.

Most professionals create spreadsheets for accurate Oracle capacity planning but they are quite complex and time-consuming.  Mike Ault has a great set of capacity planning spreadsheets for Oracle:

For complete details, see my book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference":


Ignite for SQL Server and Oracle.

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