Important de-support notice for Oracle 9i

Oracle has announced desupport for Oracle 9i release 2 as of July 31, 2007.  This is an important announcement for any Oracle customers who must run on a fully-supported release of their Oracle database.


While Oracle offers a limited "extended support" plan, but Oracle9i is still desupported for any new bug fixes on July 31, 2007.


For shops that are required to run a fully-supported release of Oracle, it's time to plan a migration to Oracle 10g release 2. 


The migration is straightforward, but the entire source code has changed in Oracle10g, leading to unplanned changes in Oracle execution.  This is largely due to changes in Oracle defaults for SQL optimization.  It's never a good idea to plan an Oracle 10g migration without fully understanding the important changes in Oracle 10g, as many of the changes are complex and unobtrusive.


It is highly recommended that Oracle9i shops who migrate to Oracle 10g consult with a 10g migration expert to ensure a smooth an optimal migration.  You can call 800-766-1884 to schedule a 10g migration support expert.



Need a Health Check?

Oracle is the worlds most complex and robust database and there are hundreds of sub-optimal setting that can cripple your database performance.

Burleson Consulting has a great Oracle health check where we identify all database bottlenecks to ensure that your mission-critical system is running at optimal speeds.

Just call 800-766-1884 to schedule your health check.


Need Oracle Training?

The very best Oracle training comes from Burleson Consulting, where you get an on-site visit by an experienced Oracle expert and author.  Whether it's one-on-one mentoring or getting a customized on-site Oracle training class, there is no substitute for BC Oracle training.  Just call 800-766-1884 for details, and check-out our on-site Oracle training catalog at the following link: