Oracle DBA salary Trends

Update:  2008 Oracle DBA salary survey


I've been a full-time DBA for almost 25 years and I've worked as an IDMS, DB2 and Oracle DBA in several Fortune 50 corporations.


In my experience I've noted a bi-modal distribution is pay for Oracle database administrators, with one tier of college educated DBA experts and another lesser tier of DBA "babysitters", DBA's with less demanding skillsets and salaries.

A 2005 DBA Salary survey shows Oracle Architects with the highest pay ($90k/year) followed by Oracle DBA at an average of $65k year. It also shows Oracle salaries being highest in California. Also in 2005 this survey shows an average DBA salary averaging $86,000 per year and Oracle OCP average DBA salaries over $75,000 per year.

As of 2007, the starting salary for a DBA depends largely on the quality of their education, your major, and your commitment to a profession in database administration, as noted in this 2007 DBA salary survey. I use this rough rule-of-thumb for DBA salaries:

Salary = (age time two)

On average, a DBA salary will be approximately age x 2. If you are 22 years old, expect a starting DBA salary to be about $44,000. As your experience increases, so does your DBA salary, such that you could expect about $100,000 per year when you are 50 years old (age x 2) with 28 years experience.

Quality and DBA salary

DBA's with extra-strong backgrounds can command a salary approximating age x 3. For example, a 22 year-old graduating from MIT with a BS degree can expect to earn a DBA salary of about $66,000 in salary their first year.

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