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Don Burleson Blog 









VOUG 2006: Virginia Oracle Users Conference Speakers

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson

The Virginia Oracle Users Group Conference is an outstanding Oracle conference in Richmond Virginia, held on March 1-2 2006.  The following BC speakers will be presenting:

  • Ace Your Oracle Job  Interview
    Janet Burleson,
    Burleson Oracle Consulting and Training

If you are one of several hundred qualified job applicants, what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition? An expert hiring manager knows secrets for quickly spotting fakers and "posers" and looks for important keywords in your resume. They also employ special techniques to quickly access your strengths and weaknesses.

You must also pass a tough telephone screening before you even get a chance to come on-site for the real interview. Learn from the manager what to expect and what managers are looking for in a telephone interview.

The on-site interview is also challenging and the interviewer will use tools to quickly access you demeanor, technical skills and personality. Learn what unobtrusive questions you might be asked, what the manager is "really" asking, and the most appropriate response.

- Learn to "read between the lines" of innocent job interview questions and write a bullet-proof resume
- Understand how to set yourself apart from the competition
- Hear the questions asked during Oracle telephone interviews


  • For Managers Only—Secrets for Hiring the Best Oracle Professional
    Janet Burleson,
    Burleson Oracle Consulting and Training

As a working IT manager, Janet Burleson shares her secrets for hiring the best IT professionals. When screening hundreds of resumes you must be able to quickly pare-down the list and focus on those applicants who have the right combination of technical and interpersonal skills. Using proven interview and screening techniques, this presentation will show secrets for resume evaluation, telephone screening and the top job interview questions. By using a method of unobtrusive measures you can quickly and accurately access important non-technical factors such as personality and the applicant's ability to work as a team player.

This is an indispensable presentation for all IT managers who want to hire the right Oracle professional the first time and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

- Learn how to quickly identify resume puffing
- See how to evaluate personality of an Oracle professional
- Learn how to ask important personal questions without violating the law


  • Improving Business Intelligence Performance
    Don Burleson & Steve Karam
    Burleson Oracle Consulting and Training
    March 2, 8:00 am–9:00 am

    Oracle provides a wealth of BI tools such as Discoverer and BI beans to enable online decision support systems and online analytics, but many Oracle professionals fail to recognize the benefits of pre-aggregation and summarization technology.

    This presentation will examine techniques within Discoverer and Oracle10g materialized views for pre-computing commonly-referenced summarizations and aggregations. The paper will also explore techniques for identifying new summarizations and how to materialize summary information for complex DSS and data warehouse schemas.

    - See the data structures that improve BI performance
    - Understand materialization of aggregate data
    - Understand how to detect and repair slow BI tasks

  • Can You Predict the Benefit from an Oracle Maintenance Activity?
    Don Burleson, Burleson Oracle Consulting and Training
    March 2, 1:45 pm–2:45 pm

There is a great debate about the value of historical performance data from the Oracle 10g Automated Workload Repository (and STATSPACK). Some say that AWR data can be used to see "how" a table or index is used, and this information allows the DBA to predict whether a table or index reorganization will save disk space or reduce I/O.

Others say that such a model is invalid and the practice of analyzing historical object usage patterns is not a worthwhile endeavor. This exciting presentation will examine both sides of the issue and examine the "real" predictive value of historical AWR data.


  • Exception Reporting with  the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager
    Don Burleson, Burleson Oracle Consulting and Training
    March 1, 4:15 pm–5:15 pm

Oracle10g Enterprise Manager (OEM) now has a complete framework for exception reporting and the Oracle professional can now easily set threshold conditions and get customized e-mails, phone text messages and pager alerts. This paper will describe how to use the new OEM thresholds and show which are important and how to choose the right values that detect serious outages before they cripple your database.

This presentation will also show you how to customize exception alerts and employ logic within the trigger mechanism. Best of all, this presentation will show you how to interface with the dbms_scheduler package to automate the repair of common exception conditions. Far from just theory, this presentation will use real-world examples from production 10g databases in the examples.

Key Points:

- See how to set threshold alerts on 10g OEM
- Learn some of the most important alert metrics
- See how to customize exception alerts
- See how to schedule an automated fix for an exception condition



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