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Don Burleson Blog 







Trapping wild Coyotes

Farmer Tips by Donald BurlesonJanuary 12, 2015

In the past few months I?ve been noticing more Coyotes, and I was surprised to hear that they are being trapped alive right her in North Carolina. Traditionally, Coyotes are pests, equal in status to vermin, and the U.S. government has offered a bounty (it used to be $5 case for each left ear), but I?m sure that it's far higher now.

But there are some nice people who are capturing and relocating Coyotes.

A trapped Coyote on his way to a foxpen

Jen3's finance' David is a knowledgeable fellow, the old man hunter from Huntsville.

Check out this close-up view of a wild coyote:

Even with the new ?humane? leg traps, many animals will choose to chew-off their legs to avoid capture.

According to David (an experienced trapper), trapped animals will not self-mutilate themselves until after sunrise, when they feel ?exposed? and become fearful enough to bite off their own legs to avoid capture.

Fox urine and dead squirrels can bait Coyote traps

David with a humanely trapped Coyote

The slang term ?Coyote Ugly? refers to this phenomenon whereby a gal is so butt-ugly that a guy would be will willing to chew-off his own leg just to get away from her.  Even a mouse will chew-off their leg, if left in the trap to die of thirst.


Domesticating the wild Coyote

Dogs have the most flexible DNA of any mammal, and with a breeding generation of only 3 years, breeders can ?domesticate? any wild species of dog with ease.

This study is Russia did selective breeding on foxes, and found that after only a few generations, the foxes started to change their physical appearance, becoming ?pet like?, and they even changed color!

Foxes become dog-like with selective breeding

According to this web site, Coyote pups are trainable like a dog.

I asked Michelle to do some Coyote research and she reports that Tammy Minchew of the NC State Wildlife commission said:

? Coyotes are fearful animals, normally they will run when humans are around, they see us before we ever see them. You do have sick or desperate Coyotes that pose a real threat, but not the norm.

? Coyotes want easy to get prey, sheep, goats, calves, cats, small dogs. Big horses are not a concern or cows, just the calves.

? Foxpens are not liable for damages to livestock because can not be proven that coyote that caused the damage was the one escaped from foxpen.

? Foxpens are not required to tag their wild animals.

? It is illegal to trap and re-home a coyote; they must be shot or sold to a controlled environment as the foxpen that is regulated by the state.

? Legal to trap and hunt Coyotes, either for sale to the foxpens or for their pelts.

? Mini ponies are at risk from Coyotes, but it's not a high risk.  Coyotes hunt in 1,2 or 3s not normally a pack, only in desperation do they hunt as a pack, it would take a pack to take a mini horse down.

? Unlike Wolves, Coyotes do not hunt in packs.

? The best livestock protection is the LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) a male only, females will attract the coyotes.

? The Coyotes are here due to Migration, Expanding their own territory, the government did not bring them into the eastern seaboard.

? The State Wildlife Commission does not get involved for Coyote sightings or Coyote damage unless $50.00 or more worth of damage to livestock.  In these cases, they will release a license allowing you (or someone you hire) to trap or kill the Coyote on your property.

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