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Don Burleson Blog 







sysaux corruption tips

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonJuly 10, 2015


Question:  I am getting messages that I have block corruption in my SYSAUX tablespace.  I got this running RMAN and also running a data pump export (expdp) where it indicated a corruption.  How do I identify and repair a corruption in the SYSAUX tablespace?

Answer:  There are known issues with SYSAUX corruption and there are several methods for identifying the exact data blocks that are corrupted and fixing those blocks.  When possible, open an SR on MOSC  for details.


select * from v$database_block_corruption;

———-   ———-    ———-  —————— ———
5       81     4     0                      CORRUPT


To see the objects residing in a given data block you can execute the following query to see what table or index is residing in the data block:

   file_id = 4
   155 between
   (block_id and block_id + blocks - 1);

------------------------------ ---------------
ORDERS                            TABLE

The above output may show a corrupt index and sometimes you can "fix" corruption by rebuilding the index.



One known issue is when running the RMAN "duplicate database" command, it causes a SYSAUX corruption.  The workarounds are to not use RMAN backup compression and/or apply  patch number 7041254.


SYSAUX corruption most commonly is in an index, and rebuilding the index will sometimes repair the corruption.


If you can run dbverify to get the file number and block number of the corrupt block, you can see what object resides on the data block.  If it is an index, rebuilding the index in the SYSAUX tablespace will repair the corruption.


Here s a script to rebuild all indexes in the SYSAUX tablespace.  In some cases, this will remove the corruption.  WARNING:  Always take a backup of SYSAUX before changing any database objects.  This script should not cause further corruption, but you never know.


set lines 90;
set heading off;
set feedback off;

spool runme.sql

'alter index '||owner||'.'||index_name||' rebuild online tablespace sysaux;'
where tablespace_name = 'SYSAUX';

spool off

spool rebuild.lst
spool off


If the SYSAUX corruption is not due to a bad index, there are many ways to identify and repair block corruption in Oracle:

  • v$database_block_corruption:  This view contains the file number and block number of the corruption:


        select * from v$database_block_corruption;

        ———-   ———-    ———-  —————— ———
        5       81       4   0       CORRUPT

  • BBED:  as a last resort you can work with Oracle technical support to use BBED  to repair the corruption.

Regardless of the method chosen, repairing corruption in the SYSAUX tablespace requires two steps:


1 - Identify the exact block number(s) that has the corruption.

2 - Rebuild the index (if index corruption) or run a utility to repair the corruption.





MOSC Note 794705.1:  RMAN Duplicate Database Results in SYSAUX Datafile Corruption.

MOSC Bug  7041254 - Restore validate check logical fails with ora-19661 on SYSAUX datafile


MOSC Note 1543698.2 "Assistant: Get Assistance to understand and solve Oracle Database Server Corruptions"

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