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Don Burleson Blog 







v$sql_feature tips

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonMay 15,  2015

The v$sql_feature table is used to track SQL language features and their properties.


SQL_FEATURE                      DESCRIPTION           
-------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------
QKSFM_ALL                        A Universal Feature                                  
QKSFM_COMPILATION                SQL COMPILATION                                               
QKSFM_EXECUTION                  SQL EXECUTION                                        
QKSFM_RBO                        SQL Rule Based Optimization                          
QKSFM_CBO                        SQL Cost Based Optimization                          
QKSFM_TRANSFORMATION             Query Transformation                                 
QKSFM_STAR_TRANS                 Star Transformation                                  
QKSFM_SVM                        Simple View Merging                                 
QKSFM_CVM                        Complex View Merging                                 
QKSFM_JPPD                       Join Predicate Push Down                             
QKSFM_OR_EXPAND                  OR expansion                                         
QKSFM_SET_TO_JOIN                Transform set operations to joins                    
QKSFM_UNNEST                     unnest query block                                   
QKSFM_PULL_PRED                  pull predicates                                               
QKSFM_PRED_MOVE_AROUND           Predicate move around                                
QKSFM_OBYE                       Order-by Elimination                                 
QKSFM_CSE                        Common Sub-Expression Elimination                    
QKSFM_CNT                        Count(col) to count(*)                               
QKSFM_CBQT                       Cost Based Query Transformation                      
QKSFM_HEURISTIC                  Heuristic Query Transformation                       
QKSFM_ACCESS_PATH                Query access path                                   
QKSFM_AND_EQUAL                  Index and-equal access path                          
QKSFM_INDEX_ASC                  Index (ascending)                                    
QKSFM_INDEX                      Index                                                
QKSFM_INDEX_DESC                 Use index (descending)                               
QKSFM_INDEX_FFS                  Index fast full scan                                 
QKSFM_INDEX_RS_ASC               Index range scan                                    
QKSFM_INDEX_RS_DESC              Index range scan descending                          
QKSFM_FULL                       Full table scan                                               
QKSFM_INDEX_SS                   Index skip scan                                               
QKSFM_INDEX_SS_ASC               Index skip scan ascending                                     
QKSFM_INDEX_SS_DESC              Index skip scan descending                 
QKSFM_INDEX_COMBINE              Combine index for bitmap access            
QKSFM_BITMAP_TREE                Bitmap tree access path                    
QKSFM_INDEX_JOIN                 Index join                                 
QKSFM_CURSOR_SHARING             Cursor sharing                            
QKSFM_DML                        DML                                        
QKSFM_JOIN_METHOD                Join methods                               
QKSFM_USE_NL                     Nested-loop join                           
QKSFM_USE_HASH                   Hash join                                  
QKSFM_USE_MERGE                  Sort-merge join                                      
QKSFM_USE_MERGE_CARTESIAN        Merge join cartesian                       
QKSFM_USE_NL_WITH_INDEX           Nested-loop index join                    
QKSFM_JOIN_ORDER                 Join order                                 
QKSFM_PARTITION                  Partition                                  
QKSFM_STATS                      Optimizer statistics                       
QKSFM_PQ                         Parallel Query                             
QKSFM_FILTER_PUSH_PRED           Push filter predicates                     
QKSFM_OLD_PUSH_PRED              Old push predicate algorithm (pre-          
QKSFM_PLACE_GROUP_BY             Group-By Placement                         
QKSFM_XML_REWRITE                XML Rewrite                                
QKSFM_CHECK_ACL_REWRITE          Check ACL Rewrite                          
QKSFM_XMLINDEX_REWRITE           XMLIndex Rewrite                           
QKSFM_TABLE_ELIM                 Table Elimination                          
QKSFM_OUTER_JOIN_TO_INNER        Join Conversion                                      
QKSFM_OPT_MODE                   Optimizer mode                             
QKSFM_ALL_ROWS                   All rows (optimizer mode)                            
QKSFM_FIRST_ROWS                 First rows (optimizer mode)                
QKSFM_CHOOSE                     Choose (optimizer mode)                    
QKSFM_CARDINALITY                Cardinality computation                    
QKSFM_CPU_COSTING                CPU costing                                
QKSFM_COLUMN_STATS               Basic column statistics                    
QKSFM_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING           Dynamic sampling                           
QKSFM_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_EST_CDN    Estimate CDN using dynamic sampling       
QKSFM_GATHER_PLAN_STATISTICS     Gather plan statistics                     
QKSFM_TABLE_STATS                Basic table statistics                     
QKSFM_INDEX_STATS                Basic index statistics                     
QKSFM_OPT_ESTIMATE               Optimizer estimates                        
QKSFM_DBMS_STATS                 Statistics gathered by DBMS_STATS          
QKSFM_PX_JOIN_FILTER             Bloom filtering for joins                            
QKSFM_PQ_DISTRIBUTE              PQ Distribution method                     
QKSFM_PQ_MAP                     PQ slave mapper                                      
QKSFM_PARALLEL                   Parallel table                             
QKSFM_USE_CONCAT                 Or-optimization                                      
QKSFM_FBA                        Flashback Data Archive                     
QKSFM_SQL_CODE_GENERATOR         SQL Code Generator                         



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