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Don Burleson Blog 









Data format validation with Oracle regular expressions

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson

See also: Oracle Regular expressions indexes as a tuning tool

Simple column validation with Oracle regular expressions

Data quality control is one of the most important jobs of the Oracle DBA, and Oracle provides sophisticated tools to ensure data quality and many of them can be placed "inside" the database schema, like this simple constraint that ensures that names only contain alphabetic characters:

alter table
add constraint
     check (

But data quality control is far more than controlling simple data column values. 

Complex column format validation

The DBA must develop database-centric methods to ensure data quality formats, like this constraint to ensure that all credit card values are properly formatted:

alter table
add constraint
     check (
   , '(([[:digit:]]{4})
       ([[:space:]]|[[:punct:]]|)*){4}' )

But in the real-world multiple column values have to be compared to ensure data quality. 

Multi-column validation

Multi-column validation happens when one column value is compared to another column value to determine validity.  For example, consider a table where we want to ensure that a customer with a salutation of "Ms." Has a matching gender column of "F" for female:

CREATE TYPE cust_name (
   salutation                char(3),
   first_name                varchar(20),
   last_name                 varchar(50),
   suffix                    char(3)
CREATE TABLE customer (
customer_name               cust_name,
gender                      char(1),
. . .

In this case an "insert trigger" is required to compare and validate the data columns for internal consistency.  The Oracle trigger syntax allow you to apply Boolean logic to compare the internal consistency of each incoming row:

    [REFERENCING [NEW AS <new_row_name>] [OLD AS <old_row_name>]]
    [FOR EACH ROW [WHEN (<trigger_condition>)]]

But the real "meat" of Oracle data quality control (called "data cleansing", a.k.a. "data scrubbing") is the ability to compare incoming row to the "norm" from validated data, and to "flag" and data row values that are statistically abnormal. 

Complex multi-table data validation

The data quality question "Does this row look right?" requires a more sophisticated approach, replete with complex logic (a PL/SQL program), audit log tables, and a interactive front-end for the Data Quality Officer (The DQO, the site-appointed expert who understands the data). 

This is the most challenging type of Oracle data quality validation where complex rules (and rule "exceptions") are coded to compare incoming table rows to the existing database "norms" and identify suspicious data for human examination.

For expert Oracle data cleansing support and data scrubbing consulting, use an expert from BC.  We understand the powerful Oracle data unification tools, and we can aid in improving the data quality of any Oracle database, large or small.



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