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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle: write a file to to a client PC

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonAugust 4, 2015

Question: What are the choices for writing data from my Oracle server to my client PC?  I want to write alert log entries to my PC from the server.
Answer: Most folks use Javascript (or another client-side applet) for writing files to a client, and some people use Oracle's Javascript API for writing PC files.
If you want to use PL/SQL to write to client files Franck Pachot has this utility for writing trace files to a client PC:
column trace_name new_value trace_name heading "Following file is spooled in the current directory:"
 (select lower(instance_name) from v$instance)||'_ora_'||spid
   ||(select decode(value,null,'','_'||value) from v$parameter where name='tracefile_identifier')
   || '.trc'
 from v$process join v$session on (v$process.addr=v$session.paddr) join v$mystat using (sid) where rownum=1
set serveroutput on feedback off verify off termout off linesize 1024 trimspool on
spool &trace_name
 fd utl_file.file_type;
 line varchar2(1024);
 l_tracename VARCHAR2(512):='&trace_name';
 l_directory_path all_directories.directory_path%TYPE;
 l_directory_name all_directories.directory_name%TYPE;
 procedure t (msg in varchar2) is begin dbms_output.put_line(msg); end;
 /* use old parameter _cached_open_cursors to close all open cursors */
 for r in (select 1 from v$session_cursor_cache where count>0) loop
 end loop;
 /* get trace directory */
 select value into l_directory_path from v$parameter where name='user_dump_dest';
 /* get diretory name for it, or try to create it */
 select directory_name into l_directory_name from all_directories where directory_path = l_directory_path;
 when no_data_found then
    execute immediate 'create directory '||l_directory_name||' as '''||l_directory_path||'''';
   exception when others then
    raise_application_error(-20000,'You must CREATE DIRECTORY '||l_directory_name||' as ''' ||l_directory_path||'''; or be granted CREATE DIRECTORY.');
 /* opens the trace file */
 exception when others then
    raise_application_error(-20001,'Impossible to open file: '||l_tracename||' in '||l_directory_name||' ( '||l_directory_path||' )');
 /* read the trace file and prints it */
    when no_data_found then exit;
    when others then
     dbms_output.put_line('!!! error while reading file '||l_tracename||' in '||l_directory_name||' ( '||l_directory_path||' )');
 end loop;
 /* close and remove the file from the server */
 when others then
   raise_application_error(-20002,'Impossible to remove: '||l_tracename||' in '||l_directory_name||' ( '||l_directory_path||' )');
spool off
/* run tkprof */
host tkprof &trace_name &trace_name..txt



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