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Don Burleson Blog 








Oracle Application Server Administrator Certification -
OCA tips

Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson

Question:  I love your Oracle Press book "Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook", and I saw that Oracle was offering a beta test for application server certificate.  I was wondering if Oracle is planning to offer OCP certification in Application server?

Answer: Oracle is always looking to sell certifications, and they offer exam 1Z0-311 (cost is $125) for Oracle application server administration. 

The Oracle University training does not use my Oracle Press book, and I would recommend attending this training before attempting the Oracle application server certification exam:

According to Oracle, the Oracle app server certification test covers these topics:

Oracle Application Server Key Components and Features

- Describe the solution areas addressed by Oracle Application Server
- Describe the key components of Oracle Application Server

Analyzing Oracle Application Server Architecture

- Explain the different installation options for Oracle Application Server
- Explain the installation dependencies of Oracle Application Server components

Installing Oracle Application Server Infrastructure

- Define the installation requirements for Oracle Application Server Infrastructure
- Describe Oracle Application Server Infrastructure installation types
- Install Oracle Application Server Infrastructure
- Start and stop Oracle Application Server Infrastructure

Installing Oracle Application Server Middle Tier

- Describe the Oracle Application Server 10g Middle Tier installation types and their requirements
- Perform preinstallation tasks
- Install the middle tier with Portal and Wireless installation type
- Verify completion of the installation
- Access the installed Oracle Application Server middle-tier components

Using Oracle Application Server Management Tools

- Start and stop Application Server Control
- Access Oracle Application Server Component pages of the Application Server Control
- Start and stop an Oracle Application Server instance or a component using Application Server Control and Oracle Process Monitoring and Notification interface (opmnctl)
- Use dcmctl utility to obtain configuration information

Managing the Oracle Internet Directory

- Explain Directory and LDAP concepts
- Describe Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
- Explain Oracle Internet Directory architecture
- Start and stop Oracle Internet Directory processes
- Identify various OID command-line tools
- Connect to and disconnect from the Directory by using Oracle Directory Manager

Managing and Configuring Oracle HTTP Server

- Explain the Oracle HTTP Server processing model
- Describe the Oracle HTTP Server modules
- Specify the server and file locations for Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)
- Control the number of processes and connections, manage network connection for OHS
- Configure and use OHS log files
Configuring Directives and Virtual Hosts
- Describe the configuration directories and their scope
- Describe the process of merging containers and contents
- Configure directories and enable directory indexes
- Describe the process of setting up virtual hosts
- Use configuration directives such as Option, Alias, and Script Alias

Managing and Configuring Oracle Application Server Web Cache

- Start, stop, and restart Oracle Application Server Web Cache
- Change passwords for administrative users and listener ports
- Specify site-to-server mappings
- Create and configure caching rules
- Set up basic invalidation mechanism
- Set up expiration rules
- Configure access and event logs
- Obtain basic performance statistics

Managing and Configuring OC4J

- Create OC4J instances
- Start and stop OC4J instances
- Enable or disable application startup
- Configure OC4J Instance Properties
- Configure web site and JSP properties
- Edit OC4J configuration files

Managing the Oracle Application Server Portal

- Describe Oracle Application Server Portal Administrative Services
- Describe tolls to monitor the Oracle Application Server Portal instance
- Manage Oracle Application Server Portal users, groups and schemas
- Administer the portlet repository
- Perform export and import of portal content

Configuring Oracle Application Server Portal

- Describe Oracle Application Server Portal configuration tasks
- Configure the Self-Registration feature to enable users to create their own portal accounts
- Configure Oracle Application Server Portal for WebDAV
- List the configuration modes of the Oracle Portal Configuration Assistance (OPCA)
- Configure Language support
- Configure the Oracle Application Server Portal instance dependencies by using the Portal Dependency Setting file

Deploying J2EE Applications

- Deploy Web applications to Oracle Application Server
- Configure data sources to be used with OC4J
- Provide necessary mappings for an Oracle database
- Deploy J2EE applications
- Deploy and register web providers

Configuring Oracle Application Server Components in OID

- Describe identity management
- Explain the default Identity Realm
- Describe the Oracle Application Server Administration Model
- Explain application-specific access control
- Manage users and groups
- Describe relationship between Oracle Application Server Portal and Oracle Internet Directory
- Identify Oracle Application Server Portal entries in the directory
- Configure OID settings in Oracle Application Server Portal

Managing Access using Delegated Administration Service

- Explain the DAS Architecture
- Describe how DAS works
- Start and stop DAS
- Access DAS home page
- Use OID Self Service Console
- Manage user entries using DAS
- Manage group entries using DAS
- Create Identity Management Realm
- Access DAS from Oracle Application Server Portal

Administering the Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Server

- Describe Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On server components
- Explain Oracle Application Server Sign-On server authentication flow
- Manage and configure Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On server
- Administer partner and external applications
- Monitor Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Server
- Access Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On server from Oracle Application Server Portal

Securing Oracle Application Server Components using SSL

- Explain Oracle wallet manager functionality
- Manage wallets
- Upload and download wallets
- Manage user certificates
- Manage trusted certificates
- Enable Oracle HTTP Server, SSO, Web Cache, and Portal to Use SSL

Managing and Configuring Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority
- Explain Public Key Infrastructure
- Describe Oracle Public Key Infrastructure Management Tools
- Describe Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority
- Explain Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority Architecture
- Access OCA Administration Pages
- Access OCA User Pages



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