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Don Burleson Blog 








Make you own redneck art

Craft Tips by Don Burleson . . .

December 31, 2006

It's always tough to find entertaining and educational craft activities for the kiddies.  Here in North Carolina, the redneck kids make realistic gingerbread houses that look just like their real homes:

       A single-wide gingerbread house
But let's face it, gingerbread houses get old, and the tikes crave something new, something that's both fun and exciting.  

The trick is to find a craft that's both fun and educational, and something that the whole family can enjoy together. 

The answer is obvious; redneck art.

For centuries, families have enjoyed the camaraderie and joy of making alien heads from deer butts.  Join the fun!  Once you know the secrets, it's easy to transform an ordinary deer butt into a work of redneck fine art.  Let's take a closer look at this ancient and noble craft of redneck art.

Fine art Deer Butt alien heads

In the world of fine redneck art, many of the top-tier deer butt aliens have been showcased by world renowned art exhibitions and galleries.

Deer butt head from my private collection
As collectible redneck art, the artist's choice of alien features and butt construction techniques reflects the artistic expression and inner angst of the craftsman.

If you don't feel comfortable paying inflated prices for investment-quality rump art from a fine art gallery, you can usually find lots of high-quality animal rump art on eBay. 

Also, look for lesser-know artists whose works will appreciate.

But for real family fun, take the plunge and make your own artistic butt creations.  Making animal butt redneck art is easy once you know the secrets.

Choosing the style for your Deer Butt alien heads

Deer ass alien heads are fun and educational activity for the whole family.  The kids get a lesson in fine art, anatomy and taxidermy, but the kids think that they're just having fun!  It's the perfect craft for children of all ages, young and old alike.

The quality of the deer butt alien head depends upon the craftsmanship and artistic vision of the redneck artist and the most highly-prized deer ass alien heads vary from simple to sophisticated works of art:

  Samples of outstanding deer butt alien heads

But the pleasures of making deer butt aliens is not just confined to the art world, and people across the USA are discovering the joys of making their own deer butt alien heads.  Let's take a closer look at this phenomenon and see why crafting alien heads from deer's asses has become a popular craft for young and old alike.

Making your deer butt alien head

All you need to create your own deer art is a styrofoam mannequin head, a fresh deer butt, a sharp knife and some glue and you are ready to get started making your own deer masterpiece.

Deer butts - before and after transformation into fine art

Deer butt alien head aficionado's recommend that you start with a fresh deer carcass, and this always makes it more fun and educational for the kids because they can share the joy of disemboweling Bambi, they get a lesson in anatomy and taxidermy, and they have the thrill of creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Make sure to tie-off the hiney hole

When preparing a deer butt alien head the old fashioned way (from scratch), it's important to tie off the anus with a piece of string so that the white tail area does not become soiled with deer doo-doo when you cut-open your treasure.

You need to carefully open-up your deer, starting right above the groin.  Once the incision is made you will need to tie-off the anus again, from the inside, and then sever the large intestine right above the tie.  

Next, cut the deer's throat, severing the deer's neck all the way back to the spine.  This will disconnect the arteries and throat from the head.

Now, all you need to do is simply cut open the gut upwards to the rib cage and watch junior's delight when all the  innards come-out in one piece!  Amazing!
Redneck Factoid:  When the contents of the body cavity slide free from the carcass, be very careful not to pop the gall bladder.  The bile stinks to high-heaven and it will ruin the meat and your deer butt.  

You can also use fine products like "Butt Out" to quickly remove the anus from your deer art:

Once you have skinned the hide, open-up the deer skull and extract the brain so that you can use the deer brains to tan the hide (see 

Redneck Factoid:  It's a curious fact of nature that a deer has just enough brains to tan their own hide, no more, no less.

 In fact, every animal has enough brains to tan their own hide, except the Buffalo, of course . . .
Many people say that the real redneck art is the shaping of the deer anus to look like a mouth.

This is the true test of the artist's loving hand.

The anus can be made very simple, or you can stretch the anus for realistic effects such as smiles and frowns.

In general, the leading deer butt artists concentrate on the details of the mouth.

Many deer butt snobs will put their art outside, bragging on their good taste.  Here is an example of the popular deer butt doorbells:


Alternatives to deer butts

If you don't have any deer butts handy, don't despair.  Many creative folks will go on a scavenger hunt, searching for fresh road kill to use for their red neck art.  Here is where the creative process is critical and you can let-loose with your artistic freedom to come up with a wealth of affordable fine art for your home.  Even rodents can be sculptured into fine redneck art plaques.
  Tasteful kitty cat butt refrigerator decoration

  Attractive rat butt plaque

Finding the up-and-coming artists

The trick to any art collection is to identify talented redneck artists and acquire their works before they become famous.
The anthropomorphic movement in animal art

A lovely squirrel butt coat hook

This gentleman is one of my favorite up-and-coming squirrel butt artists, and I've bid on several of his amazing works of fine squirrel fine art.
I've noted in previous publications that our farm cats have been eating all of our squirrels and our concerns about mad squirrel disease.

It's really a waste to have half-eaten squirrel carcasses all over the ranch, and it occurred to me that these corpses could be used as an educational tool for children.

The kiddies can have hours of fun crafting a coffin for the deceased squirrel and you can have great fun doing a full open casket funeral and eulogy.

Oh, and they make a great gift too!  The art on the left sold on eBay for only $77.55, a great example of investment-quality squirrel art.

No matter how you slice them, creating animal butt art is a fun and educational experience for the whole family.


2008 Update:  You can now invest in original 21st century American folk art (Redneck art) created by redneck butt-master Travis Carter.






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