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Don Burleson Blog 







SQL Multi-table Joins

Multi-table Joins

Multi-table joins can become confusing and this is where the ANSI format really shines.  By keeping all the join information out of the WHERE clause, it is much easier to read as the query becomes more complicated.  Using the ANSI format, you can also outer join multiple tables with multiple outer joins.  That was not allowed in the standard Oracle format.

SQL> select
  2    author_last_name c1,
  3    book_title       c2
  4  from
  5    author full outer join book_author using (author_key)
  6           full outer join book using (book_key)
  7  order by author_last_name;
Author                    Title
------------------------- ------------------------------
hester                    windows success
hester                    pay no taxes and go to jail
hester                    oracle9i sql tuning
jeckle                    piano greats
jeckle                    the fall of microsoft
jeckle                    operations research theory
jones                     windows success
jones                     never eat meat
jones                     was george washington feeble?
jones                     cooking light
petty                     the willow weeps no more
shagger                   The zen of auto repair
shagger                   writers market
shagger                   bears are people too
shagger                   how to housebreak your horse
shagger                   was george washington feeble?
shagger                   non violins in the workplace
smith                     zero loss finance
smith                     managing stress
weaton                    piano greats
weaton                    never eat meat
weaton                    UNIX for experts
weaton                    reduce spending the republican way
withers                   DOS for dummies
withers                   never eat meat
                          fired - now what
                          the far side of the goon 
29 rows selected.

In the example above, I joined three tables using full outer joins.  This allowed me to include both the books without authors and the authors without books in my report.  Note:  I had to remove the book_keys that did not have author_keys from the book_author table for this example.
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