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    Extract all comma delimited strings in Oracle SQL

                          Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonMay 13, 2015

Question:  How do I split a comma-delimited string in Oracle? I have a string that is delimited by commas and I want to extract each string onto a separate line based on the comma delimiters. What is the best way of extracting comma delimited string in Oracle SQL?

Answer:  You can use the Oracle regex functions to extract a series of comma delimited strings. The following example demonstrates this principle of extracting a string that is enclosed with commas:


SQL> var input varchar2(150)
SQL> exec :input := 'ABC/DEF,GHI/JKL,MNO/PQR'

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The first part is to split the string using the regexp_substr,
then split up the string using the comma as a delimiter.

select regexp_substr (:input, '[^,]+',1, rownum) str
from dual
connect by level <= regexp_count (:input, '[^,]+') ;



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