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Don Burleson Blog 







Deploy Oracle E-Business Suite Plugin

Oracle tips by Kumar Viswanathan

This is an excerpt from the book Oracle Application Change Management Pack ACMP Handbook by Kumar Viswanathan.

Once the file is imported the next process is to deploy the Oracle E-Business Suite plugin from the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.



Login to Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control using sysman user and password. After login, go to menu Setup -> Extensibility -> Plugins, the below screen as shown in the figure 4-8 is shown.



Figure 4-8: A screen showing the Oracle E-Business Suite plugin displayed


We can see in the figure 4-8 that in the plugins it displays Oracle E-Business Suite under Applications. Now, select Oracle E-Business Suite and click on Deploy On -> Management Servers and the deploy screen is shown as in figure 4-9.



Figure 4-9: A screen showing the deploy process of the Oracle E-Business Suite Plugin

As shown in the above figure 4-9, downtime of Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is required, click on the Next to proceed to Step 2 as shown in figure 4-10.




Figure 4-10: A screen showing the pre-requisite checks


The pre-requisite checks for the Oracle E-Business Suite is seen In Progress in figure 4-10. The following pre-requisite checks are done as listed:


§  Initialize

§  Install the software

§  Validate plug in home

§  Perform Custom preconfiguration

§  Check mandatory patches

§  Generate metadata SQL

§  Preconfigure Management Repository

§  Preregister DLF


The figure 4-11 depicts the completion of the pre-requisites checks.



Figure 4-11: A screen showing the completion of the pre-requisites checks


Once the pre-requisite checks are completed, click on Next to move to Step 3. The figure 4-12 shows a warning message for the repository database being in NOARCHIVELOG mode to provide the credentials for login to the repository database.


Figure 4-12: A screen showing the warning message and to provide SYS credentials for repository database


It is recommended that the repository database is in ARCHIVELOG mode and backed regularly as a practice. Provide the sys user credentials and Click Next to move to the Step 4. The figure 4-13 shows the Step 4 of deployment of the plugin in the Management Servers.



Figure 4-13: A screen showing the management service where the Oracle E-Business Suite Plugin will be deployed


Click on Deploy and the deployment process of the plugin will be started and  the confirmation screen is as shown in figure 4-14.



Figure 4-14: A screen showing the deployment in progress of the plugin


As the deployment is in progress the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager goes down and to see the status of the deployment we have to login to the server go to the <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/oms/bin and run the below UNIX command


./emctl status oms -details


The figure 4-15 shows the run of the command.


Figure 4-15: A screen showing the status of the plugin deployment in the server


The deployment actually takes 2 to 3 hours depending upon the server configuration and we need to periodically check the statuses. The figures 4-16 shows the screenshot taken at certain time where in it shows three steps are running simulataneously.



Figure 4-16: A screen showing the progress of the deployment of the plugin with three steps running simultaneously


The figure 4-17 shows the completion of the two steps that were shown running in figure 4-16.



figure 4-17: A screen showing the progress of the deployment of the plugin with two steps being completed and the third one running


Keep checking the status and once the deployment is completed the Oracle Management Services will be up as well as the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. The figure 4-18 shows the status of completion and services being up.



Figure 4-18: A screen showing the completion of the deployment and status of the services being up

Validating the installation

Once the deployment of the plugin is done, we need to verify whether the installation is fine. Login to Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, once the home page is seen browse the menu Targets -> Oracle E-Business Suite as shown in the figure 4-19.



Figure 4-19: A screen showing the Oracle E-Business Suite as a sub-menu appearing under Targets menu

Click on the Oracle E-Business Suite menu and the page related to the Oracle E-Business Suite targets should be seen as in figure 4-20. Currently there are no Oracle E-Business Suite targets discovered and there is no data.




figure 4-20: A screen showing the Oracle E-Business Suite Targets

When we click on the Administer menu you should be able to see the menus. The figure 4-21 shows the Change Management menu and the sub menus under with which is actually the Oracle Application Change Management.


figure 4-21: A screen showing the Change Management menu


This concludes the installation of Oracle Application Management Suite within the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. The previous versions of Oracle E-Business Suite plugin used to be a patch provided that can be installed within the Oracle Grid Control Enterprise Manager installation.


As the versions for AMP 3.0 and AMP 4.0 are now obsolete, the book focuses on the latest version of the Oracle Application Change Management Pack.

In this chapter we cover the utility EM CLI (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface), setup the EM CLI to be able to deploy the plugins, how to install and deploy the Oracle Application Management Suite plugin for Oracle E-Business as well as validate the installation. In the next chapter we will go through the Configuration Management and concepts to effective configure the configuration management tool.



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