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Don Burleson Blog 







dbms_redact data redaction tips

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonJune 25, 2013


Question:  What does the Oracle data redaction feature do in Oracle 12c?

Answer:  The data redaction feature, first introduced in Oracle 12c, allows for the masking of sensitive data from the end-user layer. Prior to Oracle 12c, you had to create views to "hide" sensitive column (pay rate, social_security_number, credit card numbers, etc.), but in 12c and beyond you can use the data redaction feature.

Any online user has experienced data redaction, which amounts to the replacement of sensitive data with asterisk list or other descriptive "masked" data.

In traditional data redaction, the data is never visible to the end-user and it is hidden via the use of views or via virtual private databases (VPD).  Unlike views and VPD's, the data remaining unchanged at the database level and it is only "hidden from viewing".

Examples of data redaction include:

             Password:    **********
   Credit card number:    0000-0000-0000-0000-3632   

For example, an end-user can updated a redacted data column, but they are unable to see the previous value of the data.  Oracle data redaction uses a package called dbms_redact, and allow for the control of the data masking at the application layer.

The Oracle docs have an example of using the dbms_redact for data redaction.  The base procedure is the add_policy procedure:

     object_schema        => 'scott',
     object_name          => 'emp',
     column_name          => 'social_security_number',
     policy_name          => 'emp_ssn',
     function_type        => DBMS_REDACT.PARTIAL,
     function_parameters  => '*,1,5',
     expression           => '1=1');

The dbms_redact policy prevents disclosure of redacted data at many levels:

  • CTAS - Redacted data is cannot be displayed:

create table temp as select emp_name, salary from employee;

ORA-28001 - Insufficient privileges - The command referenced a redacted object.

  • Data Pump Export (expdp) - Export will not allow a redacted object to be exported.

New privileges with dbms_redact.  The following new privileges are required to bypass dbms_redact:

  • exempt redaction policy
  • exempt DDL redaction policy
  • exempt DML redaction policy

The dbms_redact procedure introduces the following of ORA-error messages for data redaction.

ORA-28060 - A Data Redaction policy already exists on this column.
ORA-28061 - This object cannot have a Data Redaction policy defined on it.
ORA-28062 - The policy expression is too long.
ORA-28063 - The policy expression is empty.
ORA-28064 - The type of redaction function is not valid.
ORA-28066 - Invalid column column
ORA-28069 - A Data Redaction policy already exists on this object.
ORA-28073 - The column column_name has an unsupported datatype.
ORA-28074 - The field field_name of the masking parameters is not valid

The "field" value can be any of the following:

See Table 119-3 and Table 119-4 for examples of the field contents and field ordering.
ORA-28075 - The policy expression has unsupported functions
ORA-28076 - An attribute was not specified for SYS_SESSION_ROLES
ORA-28077 - The attribute specified (attribute) exceeds the maximum length
ORA-28078 - A regular expression parameter is missing or invalid
ORA-28082 - The parameter parameter is invalid (where the possible values are function_parameters, column_description , policy_name and policy_description )
ORA-28085 - The input and output lengths of the redaction do not match.

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