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Don Burleson Blog 







  Data Masking Pack tips

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonMarch 31, 2015

 I need to understand the Oracle Data Masking Pack.  How does the Data Masking Pack work?  Is the Data Masking Pack an extra-cost option?

Answer:  The Oracle Data Masking Pack new new in 11g and replaces real production data with realistic but false (scrubbed) data, all based on masking rules from the Data Masking Pack.  The Data Masking Pack is a separately licensed Oracle Enterprise Manager pack that has been included with both OEM Database Control and OEM Grid Control starting in Oracle Database 11g r2.   The Data Masking Pack is documented as part or the Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT).

Oracle notes three types of data masking:

"Compound masking: this technique ensures that a set of related columns is masked as a group to ensure that the masked data across the related columns retain the same relationship, e.g. city, state, zip values need to be consistent after masking.

Deterministic masking: this technique ensures repeatable masked values after a mask run. Enterprise may use this technique to ensure that certain values, e.g. a customer number gets masked to the same value across all databases. We will elaborate on this technique as it is a very common use case.

Key-based reversible masking: when businesses need to send their data to a 3rd party for analysis, reporting or any other business process, this technique transforms the original data into a masked representation of itself using a secure key-based reversible masking function. Once the data is recovered from the 3rd party, the business can recover the original data by reversing the masking using the same key."

The Oracle data masking pack costs about $11,500 per processor or abut $230 per named user, but see the Oracle Store for current prices.

The Data Masking Pack is useful in two areas:

  • Sharing data with third parties:  The regulatory compliance data confidentiality.  The data masking pack allows you to share your production with third parties, confident that the confidential data has not been compromised.

  • Copy production to test:  You can preserve the confidentially per regulatory compliance laws an copy production data to a test environment without disclosure.

Within Oracle Enterprise Manager, the Data Masking Pack enables centralized masking of confidential data in test and development databases or databases supplied to external vendors and third parties. The masking is defined using out-of-the-box masking formats via the OEM console, thereby storing all masking information centrally and not in the dispersed and manual scripts that were traditionally used.

Condition-based masking is possible. The process is irreversible, and it replaces the confidential data with scrubbed but realistic-looking data using masking rules. Database integrity rules are also followed when the masking process takes place.

When the database is cloned from production using OEM, the data masking can be executed as an integrated part of the cloning process, or it can be run independently with the dm_fmtlib package procedures. This helps in complying with privacy and personal information laws such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS).

There is also a very useful search function that allows you to query the data dictionary of any database and identify the tables and columns that need to be masked since they may be carrying confidential data.

Licensing the Data Masking Pack

There is no trial version of Data Masking Pack. Data Masking is available with the DB console or OEM 11G GRID / 12C CLOUD.

You can Download it (full product set) from OTN and test it. If you have an RDBMS 11gR2 you can just configure DB Console (if not already done) and go into the Data Mask Section.

However once you start/want to use it on Production Environments, you need a license for it, so you need to contact your Oracle Sales Representative.

Installing the Data Masking Pack

You start by downloading the data masking Pack software from OTN.

If you are using Oracle Data Masking through OEM Grid Control you need to make sure that the dm_fmtlib package has been installed in the target database. The dm_fmtlib package can be created by running the following two supplied scripts, while connected as the dbsnmp schema owner:



You can interface with the Data Masking Pack using OEM, or by calling any of the dm_fmtlib procedures.  Oracle Data Masking Pack also supports masking of data in heterogeneous databases, such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL), Sybase, and Informix, through the use of the Oracle Database Gateways.

Built In Data Masking Formats in the Data Masking Pack

Oracle has many built in Masking Formats as part of the data masking library. There are some built in routines such as:

  • Shuffle the original data
  • Substitute masking (a deterministic masking that ensures the same value in yields the same result)
  • Substring
  • Table Column (select a random entry from another table)

The Data Masking Pack also includes "primitive" masks such as:

  • Fixed Numbers
  • Fixed Strings
  • Random Dates
  • Random Digits
  • Random Numbers
  • Random Strings

There are also custom data masking rules for specific real-world data strings.  These masking rules include:

  • American Express credit card Numbers
  • Discover credit card Numbers
  • Generic credit card Numbers
  • ISBN Numbers
  • MasterCard credit card Numbers
  • National Insurance Numbers
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • United Parcel (UPS) Codes
  • US Phone Numbers
  • Visa credit card Numbers

Oracle notes that the Oracle Data Masking Pack includes the following features:

  • Mask format libraries
  • Mask definitions
  • Masking techniques
    • Condition-based masking
    • Compound masking
    • Deterministic masking
  • Application masking templates import or export
  • Mask format library import or export
  • Masking script generation
  • Clone and Mask workflow

The dm_fmtlib package has the following procedures.  Fir example, here is the rule for generating a social security number:

   dbsnmp.dm_fmtlib.mgmt_dm_gen_ssn('A', 'A', '52')

Here are the some of the procedures within the dm_fmtlib package:


cn = Canada
sin = Canada social insurance number
ph = phone number
vc = Visa Card


  • mgmt_dm_gen_cn_sin_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_cn_sin_fs
  • mgmt_dm_gen_isbn10
  • mgmt_dm_gen_isbn10_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_isbn13
  • mgmt_dm_gen_isbn13_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_canada
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_canada_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_cn_sin
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_na
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_na_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_usa
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_usa_ca
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_usa_ca_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ph_usa_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ssn
  • mgmt_dm_gen_ssn_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_uk_nin_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_upc
  • mgmt_dm_gen_upc_fh
  • mgmt_dm_gen_vc
  • mgmt_dm_gen_vc_fh

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