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Don Burleson Blog 









Oracle 8i hidden lm parameters

Don Burleson


Note: Oracle hidden parameters are undocumented and unsupported by Oracle.
Make sure that you thoroughly test all hidden parameters before placing them in your production environment.

Parameter Name                            Description
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
_lm_activate_lms_threshold                threshold value to activate an additional lms
_lm_cache_lvl0_cleanup                    how often to cleanup level 0 cache res (in sec)
_lm_cache_res_cleanup                     percentage of cached resources should be cleanup
_lm_cache_res_type                        cache resource: string of lock types(s)
_lm_dd_interval                           dd time interval in seconds
_lm_direct_sends                          Processes which will do direct sends
_lm_drm_window                            dynamic remastering bucket window size
_lm_dynamic_lms                           dynamic lms invocation
_lm_dynamic_load                          dynamic load adjustment
_lm_dynamic_remastering                   if TRUE enables dynamic remastering
_lm_enq_lock_freelist                     Number of ges enqueue element freelist
_lm_enq_rcfg                              if TRUE enables enqueue reconfiguration
_lm_enqeue_freelist                       Number of enqueue freelist
_lm_file_affinity                         mapping between file id and master instance number
_lm_lmd_waittime                          default wait time for lmd
_lm_lms                                   number of background global cache server processes to start
_lm_lms_waittime                          default wait time for lms
_lm_locks                                 number of enqueues configured for cluster database
_lm_master_weight                         master resource weight for this instance
_lm_max_lms                               max. number of background global cache server processes
_lm_min_lms                               min. number of background global cache server processes
_lm_msg_batch_size                        GES batch message size
_lm_msg_cache_thresholds                  GES message buffer caching threshold
_lm_msg_cleanup_interval                  GES message buffer cleanup interval time
_lm_node_join_opt                         cluster database node join optimization in reconfig
_lm_non_fault_tolerant                    disable cluster database fault-tolerance mode
_lm_num_pcmhv_latches                     number of latches covering the PCM HV buckets in cgs
_lm_proc_freeze_timeout                   reconfiguration: process freeze timeout
_lm_process_batching                      GES implicit process batching for IPC messages
_lm_procs                                 number of client processes configured for cluster database
_lm_rcfg_timeout                          Reconfiguration timeout
_lm_rcv_buffer_size                       the size of receive buffer
_lm_res_hash_bucket                       number of resource hash buckets
_lm_res_part                              number of resource partition configured for gcs
_lm_ress                                  number of resources configured for cluster database
_lm_send_buffers                          number of cluster database send buffers
_lm_send_queue_batching                   GES send queue message batching
_lm_send_queue_length                     GES send queue maximum length
_lm_share_lock_opt                        if TRUE enables share lock optimization
_lm_sq_batch_factor                       GES send queue minimum batching factor
_lm_sync_timeout                          Synchronization timeout for DLM reconfiguration steps
_lm_ticket_active_sendback                Flow control ticket active sendback threshold
_lm_tickets                               GES messaging tickets
_lm_tx_delta                              TX lock localization delta
_lm_validate_resource_type                if TRUE enables resource name validation
_lm_xids                                  number of transaction IDs configured for cluster database
_load_without_compile                     Load PL/SQL or Database objects without compilation
_local_communication_costing_enabled      enable local communication costing when TRUE
_local_communication_ratio                set the ratio between global and local communication (0..100)
_lock_sga_areas                           Lock specified areas of the SGA in physical memory



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Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

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