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  Dr. Wu is an experienced physician and an Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server certified DBA.  Specializing in medical informatics, Dr. Wu has hands-on experience developing complex Oracle medical databases and he excels in using Oracle Discoverer, OLAP and HTML-DB to create informatics systems for life-saving Oracle applications.   Dr. Wu possesses the rare combination of medical, statistical and technical knowledge that is indispensable for any medical informaticist.


Post-Doc Fellowship (1994-1996)
Radiation Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland

Doctor of Medicine (1991)
Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China




2003-present Clinical Data Analyst
Decision Support Center (DSC), Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Washington DC)
Developed and implemented the DSC Data Warehouse and data mart.
Developed and maintained PL/SQL procedures for ETL insert data into data warehouse from sources such as ICDB, CHCS, historical CHCS, M2 Bridge and PASBA.
Generated reports for department chiefs, services chiefs, annual report for Army Surgeon General and presentations for the director of HealtheForces.
Preparing dataset and research tools for clinical investigators and administrative staff by using Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle discoverer, Oracle HTMLDB and Crystal Report.
Prepared dataset and analyzed results for data mining projects.

Publications: Hamm CK, Kennedy MR, Wu T, Phillips JS: An Operational Data Store for Reporting Clinical Practice Guideline Adherence in Chronic Disease Patients: IEEE Proceedings, Computer-Based Medical Systems 2004, Accepted for Publication.





Oracle Certified Professional - Oracle DBA

Microsoft Certified Professional - SQL Server DBA


Oracle 10g, SQL Server

Tools and Languages              

Web application development software: ASP, Cold Fusion, Oracle HTMLDB

Reporting tools: Oracle Discoverer, Crystal Reports

Data analysis tools: Oracle Data Mining, Oracle Text Mining, SAS




1999-2003 Software Engineer/Data Analyst
HealtheForces, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Washington DC)

Developed scorecard application and Diabetes Institute database application using Cold Fusion. Converted the applications into ASP/XML version.

Developed Web based compliance report for scorecards, surveys and clinic notes.
Gathered supporting data for Walter Reed JCAHO certifications.

Awards: 2003 Government Technology Leadership Award -- HealtheForces

1999-2000 Web Engineer
NARMC Telemedicine Directorate , Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Washington DC)

Created and maintained NARMC/WRAMC website pages.

Created and maintained database driven clinical applications such as Tele-dermatology, Nuclear Medicine Teaching Files, Pathology Quizmaster and monthly utilization reports.

Initiated and evaluated Tele-pathology project by sending and receiving virtual slides between Walter Reed pathology clinic and AFIP labs.

Awards: OTSG and NARMC good performance coins

1998 Research Microbiologist

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), Washington, DC

Studied human peripheral blood mononuclear cell proliferative response by infected with Mycoplasma Incognitus isolated from organs of persons who had died of AIDS and used specially designed PCR tests to look for the Mycoplasma DNA and detected chromosome abnormalities on human blood cells.
Analyzed blood and tissues samples from Gulf War veterans.

1996-1998 Senior Research Scientist
American Lab Technology, Rockville, Maryland

Developed and improved a system for in vitro production of fully mature erythroid cells from hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) of diverse origins and used this system to collect and analysis data on drugs effect on hemoglobin synthesis during the differentiation of erythroid lineage.

Produced human chromosome probes labeled with fluorescent dyes and Modified FISH hybridization procedure to improve the efficiency of screening cells for chromosome abnormalities in testing chemicals for mutagenicity and for rearrangements associated with tumors. (Collaborate with National Human Genome Research Institute/National Institutes of Health)

Developed a protocol to enrich the yield of fetal cells lymphocytes, nucleated red cells in maternal blood during pregnancy and identifying cytogenetic and other genetic abnormalities by using chromosome painting probe.