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Grid Computing vendors

Oracle RAC Cluster Tips by Burleson Consulting

This is an excerpt from the bestselling book Oracle Grid & Real Application Clusters.  To get immediate access to the code depot of working RAC scripts, buy it directly from the publisher and save more than 30%.

Oracle Grid Computing vendors today

Grid Computing is emerging as an enabling technology that helps businesses to consolidate, share, and manage IT infrastructure resources. Grid employs or follows the service oriented approach, which unifies the heterogeneous and distributed resources into a single usable resource pool. The consumers of these resources view them more as service without going into background details.

Grid Computing has already made in-roads into many key industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, analysis, seismic studies, etc. Grid solutions are being increasingly perceived as the answers for challenging computing problems.

Grid Enabling Middleware and Solutions

There are many software vendors that are actively producing software tools which enable a typical user or application to make use of the grid computing resources. IT software companies such as United Devices, Platform Computing, DataSynapse, Avaki, GridIron, Ejasent, Enigmatec and IBM have released commercial products and services to realize the dream of Grid Computing.

GridIron provides a software development kit for developers to modify code and recompile applications so they can run in Grid environments without having to use complex protocols for message passing such as MPI, PVM.
Ejasent specializes in software to solve the operations problems in server management. Ejasent (now acquired by Veritas software) offers products and solutions, which have the ability to move an application from one server to another without disrupting or terminating the application, preserving all its current settings and data, and transferring it to a different server in near real time.

United Devices provides Grid MP Enterprise, a product which is a software-based Grid Computing solution. The Grid MP product aggregates under-utilized resources -- including servers, clusters, desktops and laptops -- across a corporate enterprise. Companies can build enterprise grids that coordinate and share computing resources across departments or organizations within their firewalls to maximize the efficiency of their computing infrastructure. It also provides a single interface for management and users from anywhere within the enterprise. Application binaries for various OS platforms and data are centralized to simplify access control, versioning, and updates.

United Devices provides a small program called the UD Agent, which you can download from: .

This allows you to become a Member of the United Devices Community. The UD Agent can recycle your PC's unused resources and use them to perform valuable scientific and medical research without disturbing your usual computer use.

Avaki specializes in providing Data Grid software. Avaki Data Grid is enterprise information integration software that simplifies provisioning, access, and integration of data from multiple, heterogeneous, distributed sources. Avaki Data Grid software creates a data service layer, which virtualizes the multiple data sources. This service layer sits between the applications and the data sources. Applications can access data via Web Services (SOAP), ODBC, JDBC, or standard file I/O.

DataSynapse offers a product called GridServer. GridServer virtualizes an enterprise?s computing resources, which can be underused or intermittently available, mainframes, clusters, servers and desktops. This solution effectively decouples the applications from dedicated resources and dynamically and adaptively distributes applications over the pool of computing resources. GridServer sits between an organization?s application(s) and its computing resources, managing the ?demand? from applications on resources, and the ?supply? of resources to the applications.

Platform Computing provides the grid-enabling software product called Platform LSF. Platform LSF is software product for managing and executing the batch workload processing for compute and data-intensive applications. With Platform LSF, the batch workload can be intelligently scheduled and completed across a distributed, virtualized IT environment. Platform LSF fully utilizes all IT resources regardless of operating system, including desktops, servers and mainframes to ensure policy-driven, prioritized service levels for always-on access to resources.

IBM is a major IT vendor who has forged many alliances with the grid software companies in providing the true Grid solutions for various commercial users. IBM?s Blades Center was integrated with many grid-enabling middleware software products in providing the virtualized server platform.

Hewlett-Packard has been in the Grid forefront by providing the UDC (Utility Data Center) that simplifies the infrastructure management by virtualization of servers, storage, networks, and applications in the data center. Resources need only be physically wired into the HP UDC once; thereafter, the HP UDC logically assigns the resources to different services as needed.

Oracle Grid - Is It Disruptive Technology?

Many believe Grid Computing has the potential to disrupt technology and is capable of dramatically changing the computing landscape. Grid Computing represents a paradigm shift that will provide the next big boost in corporate productivity since the internet and web.

A report, by Grid Technology Partners, says

?Grid computing also passes the three-point Christensen Disruptive Technology test - being inexpensive, technologically simple and a technology that doesn't require replacement of existing systems. Disruptive technologies have the potential to substantially change the competitive landscape"

This is an excerpt from the bestselling book Oracle Grid & Real Application Clusters, Rampant TechPress, by Mike Ault and Madhu Tumma.

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 30%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts.



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