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Don Burleson Blog 







Rampant TechPress dominates Oracle publishing in 2004

Don Burleson


Rampant TechPress was created by Oracle authors who desired to get high-quality technical information to their readers at affordable prices. 

Rampant has been wildly successful, publishing 26 Oracle title in the past 24 months are attracting authors are among the best in the world and have received a huge amount of media attention in 2004.  With dozens of personal appearances, over 50 articles and industry and honors, Rampant TechPress authors are gaining a huge following in the US Oracle market of over a half-million professionals.

Rampant Author Honors:

  • Kimberly Floss – Elected president of the International Oracle Users Group
  • Arup Nanda – Voted Oracle Corporations “DBA of the Year”
  • Mike Ault - eWeek Magazine names Mike Ault among "World's leading Oracle authors"
  • Adam Haeder – Promoted to Vice President of the Association for Information Management

Rampant Book Reviews:

The world's top Oracle book authors, Mike Ault, Daniel Liu and Madhu Tumma, have come out with the first book to cover new features in 10g, titled "Oracle Database 10g New Features”.   

Oracle Database 10g New Features - By Mike Ault, Daniel Liu, Madhu Tumma
Rampant TechPress - ISBN: 0-9740716-0-9

If you're slightly overwhelmed by the number of new features in Oracle Database 10g and you're looking for a quick guide that puts these features into context, look no further. Oracle Database 10g New Features, by three respected Oracle experts, provides straightforward feedback about which new features you should use immediately and which features you can wait to implement. This book takes an in-depth look at the Oracle Database 10g features that are the most important to system performance and database administration, including showing you changes to the Oracle Database 10g SQL optimizer, discussing the new advisors for SQL tuning, illustrating how to use all new Oracle Database 10g initialization parameters, and much more.

To help you learn about new database features quickly and thoroughly, the authors have created and included dozens of working samples in the Oracle Database 10g online code depot. Examples from all areas are covered with working scripts and code.


Oracle Performance Troubleshooting: With Dictionary Internals, SQL & Tuning Scripts (Oracle In-Focus series)
by Robin Schumacher              

This book is another in the series of technical volumes published by "Rampant Techpress," published by Don Burleson. The purpose of this book by Robin Schumacher is to suggest and illustrate a robust, comprehensive performance tuning methodology.
With this methodology in hand, the author then provide examples and ...

Oracle Utilities: Using Hidden Programs, Import/Export, SQL*Loader, oradebug, tkprof, & More (Oracle In-Focus series)
by Dave Moore
Highly recommended!

This book is another in the series of technical volumes published by "Rampant Techpress," published by Don Burleson. The purpose of this book by Dave Moore is to explain to the reader the use of the various Oracle utilities. Some of these utilities are well-known, such as Tkprof; others are far more obscure-such as the...


Rampant Author Publications 2004:


Multi-Master Replication Conflict Avoidance and Resolution
By John Garmany and Robert Freeman
An excerpt from their book on Oracle Replication, explaining multi-master replication conflict avoidance.

Database Management – Oracle Database 10g New Features
By Mike Ault, Daniel Liu and Madhu Tumma
The book authors discuss automated memory management within this Chapter 1 excerpt from Oracle Database 10g New Features, published by Rampant TechPress.


Mike Ault

A Comparison of Solid State Drives to Serial ATA (SATA) Drive Arrays for Use with Oracle
Tuning Disk Architectures for Databases
Temporary Tablespace
OLAP Enhancements
Utilities for Starting and Stopping Databases
New Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces

Stephen Andert

Wait Interface — An Elapsed-time Measurement System

John Garmany

Constrained Server Topography with Oracle’s Application Server 10g
Oracle9i Application Server Release 2
Creating a Response Time Monitor for Oracle Forms
Bulk Loading Users for Single Sign-on
Oracle Application Server 10g: Creating the Metadata Repository in an Existing Oracle

Donald K. Burleson

Using Oracle9i to Create Custom Web Content
Inside Oracle9i Tablespace Management
Introducing Database Area

Oracle9i Data Security Internals
A Four-phase Approach to Procedural Multi-master Replication
Oracle Dynamic Grid Computing
Ellison on Oracle 10g Enterprise Grid Computing
Inside Oracle Indexing
Disk Management for Oracle
Oracle 911 - Emergency Oracle Support
Oracle RAC Internals Evolution and History, Part 1
Inside RAC Cache Coherency, Part 2
Back to the Mainframe: The New Age of Oracle Server Consolidation
Inside RAC Global Block Management, Part 3
Busting the Oracle Myth Busters

Arup Nanda

Building a Simple Firewall Using Oracle Net
Reaches A Deeper Level
Altering Master Table in a Snapshot Replication Environment without Recreating the Snapshot
Interested Transaction List (ITL) Waits Demystified
Perils and Pitfalls in Partitioning — Part 1
Perils and Pitfalls in Partitioning — Part 2
Journey into Partitioning - Same Goal Many Paths: Part 1
Journey into Partitioning - Same Goal Many Paths: Part 1

Chris Foot

An Oracle Instructor's Guide to Oracle9i
An Oracle Instructor's Guide to Oracle 9i - External Tables
An Oracle Instructor's Guide to Oracle 9i Release 2
An Oracle Instructor's Guide To Oracle Data Guard
An Oracle Instructor’s Guide to
Oracle Education and the Oracle Certification Process

Oracle Database Design Review Meetings
An Oracle Instructor’s Guide to Oracle 10g

Daniel Liu

Net8: A Step-by-Step Setup of Oracle Names Server
Top DBA Shell Scripts for Monitoring the Database
Monitoring Index Usage in Oracle9i
Implementing Oracle9i Data Guard for Higher Availability

Dave Moore

Oracle Untapped Utilities
External Tables in Oracle9i
Java vs. PL/SQL: Where Do I Put the SQL?

Oracle Magazine (2004):

Two regular Oracle Magazine columnists, Kimberly Floss (President of the International Oracle Users Group) and Arup Nanda (Oracle DBA of the Year), published monthly columns in 2004, each article noting their books by Rampant TechPress.

Database Resource Manager
By Kimberly Floss

Tracing SQL in Oracle Database 10g
By Kimberly Floss
New tools help you better understand the performance of your applications

Faster Backup, Faster Recovery [08-Oct-2004]
by Arup Nanda
Speed your backup and recovery with new features in Oracle Database 10g.

Perform Without Waiting
By Arup Nanda
Diagnose performance problems, using wait events in Oracle 10g.

Talking Tuning: Tracing SQL in Oracle Database 10g [01-Oct-2004]
by Kimberly Floss
New tools help you better understand the performance of your applications.

Data Warehousing: Moving Data Faster [08-Sept-2004]
by Arup Nanda
Find the fastest way to move data from warehouse to mart.

A Closer Look at ADDM [12-May-2004]
by Kimberly Floss
How the new diagnostics engine in Oracle 10g helps detect and diagnose performance problems.

Getting Good Advice About Access [09-July-2004]
by Kimberly Floss
New SQL Access Advisor in Oracle 10g guides you in choosing indexes and materialized views.

Build Your Own RAC Cluster on Linux and FireWire
by Jeffrey Hunter


Rampant Chapter reprints

Oracle Technical Network

Oracle Database 10g New Features:
Oracle 10g Reference for Advanced Tuning and Administration
(Rampant TechPress)
Chapter 9: Manageability Features [ Download ]


OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification


Oracle 10g: New Flashback Features
Reprinted with permission from the new Rampant Book, Oracle 10g New Features, by Mike Ault, Madhu Tumma, and Daniel Liu



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