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Update: 2/23/2007

Wikipedia has announced a new, more credible site called Citizendium where all authors are non-anonymous:

The central differences between Wikipedia and Citizendium are "more cultural than operational," said Sanger.

For example, unlike Wikipedia, which allows any anonymous user to edit an entry, Citizendium will require users to register their names before editing any information.

Wikipedia seeks to pollute the web?

It gets harder to use web searches to find valid Oracle information on the web, and opening-up web publishing to billions of people has contributed to the credibility issue. 

First it was blogging, where thousands of new Oracle-related blogs are created monthly, many of them being "Hoovers" (a Hoover is a vacuum) that crawl the web and publish blogs of Oracle keyword spam.

Now, we see a new death threat to web credibility with Wikipedia, a totally anonymous and un-credible authority that has been banned as a citation source by all respectable American universities, and for good reason.

Does Wikipedia support terrorism?

Wikipedia has also been accused of supporting terrorism, a very serious charge:

"So where the founder and CEO of Wikipedia has no problem about his editors lying to the public, he also has no problem with his editors supporting and inciting acts of terrorism.

No where will you ever find Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah described as terror organizations by Wikipedia. Wikipedia will quote the US State Department or the United Nations Security Council as saying that they are terror groups, but Wikipedia itself will only describe these organizations as "militants.""

The Wikipedia Mess

This article titled Wikipedia seeks to pollute Google, search engines , we see an former Wikipedia editor speak out about the abuses that make Wikipedia a threat to finding any credible information on the web, especially since Wikipedia results come-up high on Google searches:

"Wikipedia, which has lost any reputation for credibility and is no longer allowed as an academic source for most universities, is found quite often coming up in top positions when performing searches on Google."

He also notes that the search engines might be well-advised to un-index Wikipedia (and blogs, IMHO), in order to protect the quality and credibility of search engine results:

"Wikipedia does not deal in fact, it works with gossip, rumors, lies, slander and tons of libel.

Wikipedia's Achilles heel is that it is open to any 8-year-old child or perverted mind to edit matters from nuclear physics to Islamic terrorism.

The author also notes a Wikipedia "Mafia" that have ulterior motives and agendas:

The very fact that there is not one professional editor on the Wikipedia's payroll speaks volumes.

Wikipedia claims that anyone can edit its site.

But what they do not tell the public is that your edit will be subject to a bunch of mafia style administrators who will delete, edit and censor the edits you make to fit their own political and commercial agenda."

An anonymous search engine is a real danger

The author also notes concern about a new Wikipedia-sponsored search engine called "Wikia":

"Google does not sell placement in the search results themselves, or allow people to pay for a higher ranking there.

But with a Wikipedia search it would be just the opposite.

You would not know when someone was paid to put a message in front of you, and if your politics meet the commercial agenda of Wales, Wool and their investors you could then secure a high and corrupted Wikipedia search placement."

With lots of web creeps hiding behind an veil on anonymity, it's not surprising that this author believes that Wikipedia is a real danger:

"Wikipedia's slogan is "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." Does that now include Osama bin-Laden and associates?

Do you want your children hanging out here or referencing material from unprofessional, biased editors who hide behind aliases?"


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