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Don Burleson Blog 








Twitter accused of aiding criminals

Some Oracle experts such as Eddie Awad have been working to expand the Oracle blogosphere.


Oracle has just introduced Oracle Tweeter, a tools to allow everyone to view more trivia than ever before. 

I think it's called tweeter because it's for the birds.

Oracle Tweeter

However, there are disturbing reports that twitter may be used for abuse and distribution of misinformation, a problem that continues to plague the Oracle industry.


Twitter in trouble?

Twitter appears to have become a vehicle for web defamation, and abusers are using twitter to harass other professionals.  

This times new roman Waldman blog page notes that she was harassed incessantly by a "Bomber" who sought to ruin her reputation by planting defamatory statements on Twitter and other sources.  Most disturbing, she claims that Twitter does not enforce their "terms of service" agreement, making Twitter a safe-haven from web criminals:

"As I found out last month, the reality of Twitter is that they refuse to warn and/or ban people who use their service to “abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate other Twitter users” (to quote their forth line item on their TOS page).

What does this mean? In short, anyone can use Twitter to consistently harass you and ruin search results for your identity and Twitter won’t execute any means of community management."

Sources estimate that millions of dollars in stolen goods are sold online because the web auctioneers do not accept their responsibility for aiding and abetting criminals, and Twitter now joins the den of thieves, denying that they help to facilitate perverts and sickos.

Blogs are especially dangerous for employers, as they can be held liable for the acts of their employees:


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