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Oracle DST patches important for daylight savings time change

All Oracle shops must be concerned about the possibility of logical data corruption that may result from failing to apply the DST patches.  Also see these Oracle notes on the DST patch.

According to Oracle MOSC, there are some important patches that need to be applied to accommodate the USA changes in Daylight Savings Time (DST) before Match 13, 2007.  OTN has further notes on this important patch:

This can impact your systems several different ways:

Operating System

UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS use the zoneinfo utility which allows a single time zone to have multiple daylight saving time rules to handle changes from year to year. The zoneinfo database is a collaborative compilation of information about the world's time zones. New editions of the database are published as changes warrant, with the latest edition being the 2006g edition (2006-05-08) which lists 387 primary time zones and contains the new time changes.  This can be obtained from your O/S vendor.

Oracle Database

This issue will affect Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition Versions 8.1 to 10.2. Depending on the version of your database, the impact will differ. 

In short, a database patch and a JVM may need to be applied. Once applied, a script provided by Oracle called utltzuv2.sql will need to be run. This will tell you if any code in the db needs to be modified.

The Oracle OTN group also has these details for DST patches on Solaris:

I applied patches to 10gr2 on solaris 8, 10.

1. There is a patch that got two files: utltzuv2.sql and timezdif.csv
2. Using opatch, apply the above patch while the db is on.
3. Then replace java stored procedure for file separator with dynamic pl/sql, if you do not have OJVM installed.
4. You must add 4 entries to timezdif.csv

The points 3 and 4 are explained in some note.

5. run @?/rdbms/admin/utltzuv2
6. It lists affected columns and tables.
7. Not all affected columns contain affected data, that is, the data that is between March 11 and April 2. So, you have to check whether these columns contains affected data (call it, eliminating false positives)

12. If you have affected data, then you must backup that data with (rowid, varchar2).
13. Then download another patch that contains *.dat files. Apply this patch, while db is running. It just replaces a couple of files in $ORACLE_HOME/oracore/zoneinfo/*

14. run the test query in a new session. You will see that new sessions are reading updated *.dat files. However, the server will not read it, so you have to bounce the server

15. restore the affected data.

Next, OJVM patch:

1. check whether OJVM is installed or not, using a query given in a MOSC note
2. the above query tells you whether OJVM is fully installed or partially installed or not-installed at all.
3. If OJVM is not all installed, don't apply the patch
4. If OJVM is fully or partially installed, apply the relevant patch
5. for 10gr2, there are 2 scripts (pre-patch script, and post patch script)
6. After applying the patch, apply the first script.
7. Bounce the database (because you applied the patch while the db is up)
8. If OJVM is fully installed, run the post-patch script; if it is partially installed, don't run postpatch script.
9. for dbs < 10gr2, there are different set of instructions, follow em.

Here are the MOSC notes relating to the DST patches:

409210.1 New Article USA 2007 DST Changes: Frequently Asked Questions for Oracle Fusion Middleware
Folder: ST.Server.Globalization.DSTUSA2007 Topic: DSTUSA2007 Overview
397281.1 USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) Compliance for Oracle Server Technologies Products
Folder: ST.Server.Globalization.DSTUSA2007 Topic: DSTUSA2007 Overview
403659.1 2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes For Oracle Applications
Folder: ST.Server.Globalization.DSTUSA2007 Topic: DSTUSA2007 Overview
412789.1 New Article USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes - Webcasts
Folder: ST.Server.Globalization.DSTUSA2007 Topic: DSTUSA2007 Overview
416854.1 New Article Using the Oracle RDA 4.7 New Feature: Daylight Saving Time Tool Box
Folder: ST.Server.Globalization.DSTUSA2007 Topic: DSTUSA2007 Overview


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