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New Oracle Secure Backup OSB product announced  

Here we see the announcement of a new disk-to-disk backup product within Oracle, dubbed Oracle Secure Backup (OSB):
OSB announcement 

What is Oracle Secure Backup?

This is a standalone product that is actually coming out with this release. In the first release of the database, we pretty much automated what we call disc-to-disc backup. A lot of people back up their production databases to another set of discs. So, we brought out that automation in 10g Release 1, but at some stage you probably still need to go off the tape, for archival purposes.

In 10g Release 2 we now complete the disc-to-tape backup. We have a fully built-in tape management environment. Not only can you back up our database, but you can back up anything with this, including operating systems files, applications servers, even third-party databases.

By default [Oracle Secure Backup] is going to actually allow you to encrypt these backups as well. So not only can you secure the data within the database, but as you back up that database and anything associated with the database, you can actually encrypt that data out to the tapes.

: Pricing and packaging haven't been discussed at this stage. [But] the value proposition, in terms of our customers, is because it is integrated with their existing management of the databases and their backup cycle.


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