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Oracle buys predictive modeling software

Oracle has just announced the acquisition of ProfitLogic, a provider of predictive modeling software for forecasting:

“ProfitLogic makes software that helps retailers make more accurate sales forecasts and pricing decisions by analyzing customer demand patterns. Customers include upscale department store Bloomingdale's and the Toys R Us retail chain.”

This is great news for Oracle professionals, as it indicates that Oracle will have acquired the critical software required to enhance the Oracle 10g database with predictive modeling capabilities, using sophisticated linear regression models:

  • SGA Advisors

    - Oracle has predictive advisories for the data buffer cache, the shared pool and almost every region within the Oracle RAM heap.  In Oracle 10g automated memory management (AMM), Oracle acts upon the predictions and morphs the SGA automatically.

  • Tuning advisors

    - Oracle's automatic diagnostic database advisor (ADDM) uses artificial intelligence to recommend new materialized views and indexes.  Oracle also has a SQLTuning advisor and a SQLAccess advisor.  These advisors gather real-world empirical execution information from Oracle and recommends actions based upon the execution samples.
  • Index Rebuilding

    - In an OracleWorld 2003 presentation titled “Oracle Database 10g: The Self-Managing Database” by Sushil Kumar of Oracle Corporation, Kumar states that the Automatic Maintenance Tasks (AMT) Oracle10g feature will automatically detect and re-build sub-optimal indexes.“

Of course, not everyone agrees that applying linear regression technology will work and some of Oracle’s in-house luddites do not believe that predictive modeling can result in accurate forecasts, especially when applied to predicting the benefit of Oracle database management activities such as index rebuilding.


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