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Oracle OpenWorld 2004 Session papers Downloads Online

December 14, 2004

Oracle has made downloads of the conference papers online for anyone who attended Oracle Openworld:

If you did not attend, e-mail Oracle and see if they will make the whitepapers available to the general public. The largest Oracle conference in history, Oracle Openworld 2004 had over 25,000 attendees and some great presentations.

There are over 600 superb whitepapers about Oracle 10g to download, including some from the world's top experts.

Here were some of my favorite sessions:

  • Oracle Database 10g SQL Optimization

  • PL/SQL Performance: Debunking the Myths

  • Expand to the PL/SQL Grid: New Oracle Database 10g and Oracle9i Database Release 2 PL/SQL Features

  • Advanced SQL Tips Through Oracle Database 10g

  • Tuning J2EE Applications, Tier by Tier

  • Oracle Streams: Simplifying Information Sharing in Oracle Database 10g

  • Oracle Database 10g: The Next Release

  • Enterprise Manager 10g: Managing the Oracle Grid

  • Performance Analysis of Optimizer Plans

  • Oracle 10g RAC in a 64-bit AMD Linux environment with iSCSI

  • Maximizing Performance and Scalability of Siebel on Oracle 10g RAC

  • 20TB on a Linux Cluster Today: How to Build a Multiterabyte Data Warehouse, Using Linux and RAC

  • Workload Management Within the Grid

  • Indexing: The Good, the Bad, the Too Many, the Wrong Type

The full list of presentations was mind-boggling and even the most dedicate propeller-head could not attend them all:

  1. Business Intelligence: From Concept to Practice

  2. The National EHR Agenda: Strategies and Initiatives

  3. 11i.10 Business Flows for Rapid Implementations

  4. Is Your Customer Service Strategic?

  5. Fueling Your Payments Revenue with High-Octane Information

  6. Trends for Application Utilities and On Demand Delivery Models

  7. Power Tools, Tips, and Tricks: Getting the Most out of Your Oracle Support Services

  8. Operational Excellence and Best Practices: An Insider View

  9. Oracle HTML DB Advanced Features

  10. Encrypting Data in Oracle

  11. The Object-Oriented SDLC and JDeveloper

  12. Introduction to Workflow

  13. Building Production Web-Based Applications in JDeveloper

  14. Repository-Based Application Development

  15. Minimizing the Fear of the Big Package

  16. Customer Presentation: Aspect Communications Shares Keys to Success of their Oracle Implementation

  17. New Features in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i.10

  18. Introducing Daily Business Intelligence

  19. Financials Product Direction: Financial Value Chain

  20. What's New in Financials 11i.10?

  21. A Guide to Faster Closing and Reporting in an Era of Increased Scrutiny

  22. Reporting on Segregation of Duties in Internal Controls Manager

  23. Oracle Developer Suite Framework and Architecture

  24. Rapid Application Development Techniques with Oracle JDeveloper 10g

  25. Application Development Framework (ADF) Business Components and Architecture

  26. Building Database-Centric Web Applications, Using Oracle HTML DB

  27. Using New Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g Features

  28. Best Practices for Upgrading to Oracle Database 10g

  29. Using the Oracle Database 10g Self-Managing Framework

  30. Best Practices for Deploying Oracle Application Server Portal

  31. Successful Dimensional Modeling of Very Large Data Warehouses

  32. Oracle Application Server 10g Security Using Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA) New High-Availability Features

  33. Best Practices for Oracle Collaboration Suite

  34. Mining Today's Data for Tomorrow's Opportunities

  35. Design Techniques for Terabyte Databases in Life Science Applications

  36. OracleAS Discoverer Implementation Strategies

  37. If Your Memory Serves You Right…

  38. Indexing: The Good, the Bad, the Too Many, the Wrong Type

  39. Oracle Enterprise Grid Computing Overview

  40. Standby Revisited

  41. Analyze That Database Now! (Using DBMS_STATS)

  42. Faster Data Movement

  43. Oracle Scheduler Overview

  44. Advanced SQL Tips Through Oracle Database 10g

  45. A Database-Centric Approach to J2EE Application Development

  46. Integrated Business Intelligence with Oracle Portal

  47. Quick Web Development Using JDeveloper 10g

  48. Analytical SQL: Tips and Techniques

  49. Introduction to Oracle HTML DB

  50. Case Study: Accelerate and Simplify the Move to Oracle 10g Grid Computing

  51. Case Study: Reducing Storage Infrastructure Costs and Extracting Faster ROI for Oracle 11i Applications Deployments

  52. Behind the Scenes: Oracle9i Database Automatic Undo Management and Flashback Query

  53. Enabling OLAP Analysis with 10g and Discoverer (Drake)

  54. Accelerate your Cash Cycle and Manage your Revenue with Fiscal Discipline

  55. Procure to Pay: Bridging Financials and Procurement for Lower Costs and Stronger Compliance

  56. Increase Return on Investment, Decrease Cost of Financing

  57. Optimize Your Real Estate Portfolio with Oracle Real Estate Management

  58. JDeveloper 10g View Layer Alternatives: JSP and UIX

  59. I Love the Java Jive: J2EE Overview for Oracle Technologists

  60. Oracle Storage Solutions Now and For the Future

  61. Information Integration and Connectivity Overview

  62. Oracle Search

  63. Try Doing This with Google!

  64. Architecture for a Comprehensive Intranet Search

  65. The Right DR Choice: Data Guard, Remote Mirroring, or Stretch Clusters

  66. Using the Oracle Database 10g Upgrade Assistant to Make the Giant Leap Forward

  67. Oracle/SAP Development Update

  68. SAP R/3 on Real Application Clusters at BASF Group

  69. Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solution Using Oracle Data Guard on Dell PowerEdge Servers

  70. Profiles in High Availability: Production Deployments Using Oracle HA Best Practices

  71. Dynamically Scaling Out Oracle Databases Using Dell servers and Dell / EMC SAN

  72. Querying XML

  73. Oracle Flashback: Techniques for Recovering from Human Error

  74. From Source to Loading Dock with Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g

  75. Building a Data Warehouse in a Heterogeneous Tool Environment

  76. Single-Sign-on Integration with PKI

  77. Oracle E-Business Suite: Technology Directions

  78. Oracle E-Business Suite: 11i.10 Technology Highlights

  79. Oracle E-Business Suite: Technology Essentials

  80. Oracle E-Business Suite: Security Management

  81. Using Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite

  82. Personalization and Extensibility

  83. Leveraging Service-Oriented Architecture for E-Business Suite Integration

  84. Oracle Workflow

  85. Oracle E-Business Suite: System Management

  86. Streamline Maintenance and Reduce Downtime

  87. Improve Performance and Reduce Cost with Oracle E-Business Suite on Linux

  88. Overcoming the Business and Technology Challenges of Global Operations: Two Oracle Applications Case Studies

  89. Oracle Tutor: Managing Process Documentation in the Oracle Database

  90. Oracle XML Publisher: Enterprise Reporting and Delivery Platform

  91. Oracle Database 10g New Features and Grid Computing in Oracle E-Business Suite

  92. Maximizing the Performance and Scalability of Oracle E-Business Suite

  93. Partitioning and Purging Best Practices for Oracle E-Business Suite

  94. The Industry's Best SQL Just Got Better

  95. Tuning Oracle Database 10g: Tuning Has Radically Changed

  96. Uncommon Leaders of IT

  97. Managing Database Grids: New Features for Database Management in Enterprise Manager

  98. Managing Content with Oracle XML DB

  99. Smart Upgrades: Upgrading from Oracle8i to Oracle Database 10g at Motorola

  100. Best Practices for Building Enterprise XML Applications

  101. Grid Standards: Accelerating Grid Deployment Within the Enterprise

  102. Gee Whiz: New PL/SQL Toys in Oracle Database 10g

  103. Expand to the PL/SQL Grid: New Oracle Database 10g and Oracle9i Database Release 2 PL/SQL Features

  104. Introducing Oracle Backup: Oracle's New Tool for Tape Backup

  105. Best Practices for Using Oracle Label Security with Oracle E-Business Suite

  106. Business Intelligence and E-Business Suite: How Do They Fit Together?

  107. Going Global: Are You Ready?

  108. Multichannel Retailing Requires Enterprise Coordination

  109. Street-Proven Techniques for Deploying Data Guard SQL Apply

  110. RFID in Retail: The Reality Behind the Hype

  111. Oracle Database 10g Security

  112. The Journey to Oracle Database 10g

  113. Project Accounting: How Does Autoaccounting Work?

  114. Single View of the Customer: Using D&B and Oracle’s Customer Hub

  115. Migrating from Microsoft Access to Oracle Database 10g on the Web with Oracle HTML DB

  116. The Self-Healing Database: Oracle's Strategies and Directions for Automating Trouble Diagnostics

  117. Exploring RMAN's Unique Data Recovery Capabilities

  118. The Self-Managing Database: Where Technology Meets the Customer

  119. The Art of Effortless Administration: Oracle Database 10g DBA Best Practices

  120. Case Studies: Improving Oracle Application Performance and Lowering Storage TCO Through ILM

  121. Managing Oracle Applications on a Shoestring (of DBAs)

  122. Developing Oracle Applications with .NET

  123. Oracle Database 10g: Best Practices for Windows Deployments

  124. Oracle Database 10g: Best for Windows

  125. Securing and Provisioning the Oracle Grid with Grid Control

  126. Project Budgeting via Excel Uploads in Oracle Project Management

  127. Oracle Database 10g Performance Troubleshooting: It’s Automatic

  128. Extending Credit Checking in Receivables and Order Management: A Case Study

  129. Oracle Database 10g Is Ready for ILM: Are You?

  130. Oracle and Sponsored Programs: How We Got Our PIs the Data They Need

  131. On-Demand Label Printing, Using HTML and XML, at Texas Instruments

  132. Oracle HTML DB: New Features Explored

  133. From Sticky Notes to Structure: Lessons Learned in Managing ERP

  134. How the City of Detroit Wrote One Financial Statement Generator (FSG) to Write Multiple Income Statements

  135. Adapting Oracle Financials to a Changing Business Climate

  136. Clone Management from the Development Team's Perspective

  137. Steps to Grid Adoption

  138. Oracle Partitioning: A Must for Data Warehouse and OLTP Environments

  139. Successful 11i Reporting Solution: Setup in One Week, Report Deployment in Hours

  140. Anticipating Oracle Database 10g Configuration in Support of Oracle E-Business Suite

  141. How to Develop and Deploy Multimedia-Enabled Oracle 10g Applications, Using PL/SQL, Java, XML, Oracle interMedia, and Oracle Portal

  142. Design Possibilities in Workflow

  143. Things in Oracle Database 10g

  144. Making It Pretty: Personalizing the Appearance of Oracle Self-Service Web Application Pages

  145. Affordable Midmarket HA and Scalability

  146. Oracle E-Business Suite 11i EDI Implementation at Dana Corporation

  147. How to Build End-to-End Recovery for Your Applications

  148. Customer Experiences with Consolidation on the Road to the Grid

  149. 10 Steps to 10g: Customer Experiences with Upgrading to Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters

  150. Newbies to RAC Show That RAC Adoption Is Easy

  151. Migrating Your Business to the Grid: A Customer Testimonial

  152. Integration the Easy Way: Oracle XML Gateway

  153. Customer Experiences in Deploying Automatic Storage Management and the ROI Gained

  154. Managing the Grid Made Simple: Customer Experiences

  155. MegaGrid: Practical Guidance for Deploying Large Clusters

  156. MegaGrid: Capacity Planning for Large Commodity Clusters

  157. MegaGrid: Performance Management in Large Clusters

  158. Workload Management Within the Grid

  159. Data Management on a Budget with Oracle 10g: Exploring Strategies and Tactics with the U.S. Geological Survey- An analytical mapping tool for environmental data warehouses

  160. High Performance with Oracle on Linux: Oracle Database 10g on Linux at Motorola

  161. Discoverer 10g or BI Beans:- Which Is Right for You?

  162. PL/SQL Performance: Debunking the Myths

  163. Using Oracle Business Intelligence Tools to Analyze Data Warehouses

  164. Developing Advanced Thin-Client Applications with BI Beans

  165. The Analysis Capstone: Applying Oracle Data Mining

  166. Performance Roundtable

  167. SQL Regular Expressions, the Best Feature in Oracle Database 10g?

  168. 1 Million Financial Transactions per Hour, Using Oracle Database 10g and XA

  169. The eBay Global Platform and Oracle 10g JDBC: Scaling for Future Growth

  170. Online Legal Filing Using Java in the Database, Database Web Services, XMLDB, and OJMS/AQ

  171. On the Benefits of OAB: Looking Beyond the Standard Setup

  172. Oracle Database 10g SQL Optimization

  173. Performance Analysis of Optimizer Plans

  174. RMAN Recovery Without Recovery Catalog or Controlfiles

  175. The Dos and Donts of Space and Undo Management: Best Practices for Oracle Database 10g

  176. Planning And Performing a Successful Database Migration and Consolidation

  177. Oracle Grid Control Best Practices

  178. Advanced Pricing: Do We Have a Deal?

  179. Enterprise Manager 10g: Managing the Oracle Grid

  180. Applying Oracle Security Technologies for Regulatory Compliance

  181. Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET

  182. Consolidating Database Users with Enterprise User Security

  183. Oracle of Perfect Harmony: A Global Single-Instance Consolidation Case Study

  184. Implement Security Rules That Will Fulfill your Business Requirements in Minutes

  185. Are You Asking the Right Questions?

  186. Payroll Disaster Recovery on One CD

  187. The Oracle Buffer Cache: Architecture and Performance Tuning

  188. Oracle's Vision for High Availability Revealed

  189. Halve Your Storage Costs: Oracle's Unbreakable Low-Cost Storage Program

  190. Trends In DBA Staffing and Organization

  191. Oracle Database 10g One Year Later

  192. Oracle Database 10g: The Next Release

  193. Oracle Database 10g Spatial Performance and Manageability Best Practices and German Rail Case Study

  194. 'The Tireless Temp: Using WinRunner for Large-Volume Data Loads

  195. Using Business Intelligence and Oracle Applications to Measure Business Performance

  196. SQL/Process Tuning in an 11i Cost-Based World

  197. Extending the Grid with Database Lite Mobile Applications

  198. "Lights Out" Interface Processing: Automating Your Interface Data Transfers

  199. Understanding Indexes

  200. Essential Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g Features for Developers

  201. Pushing the 64-Bit Commodity Frontier with Oracle on Linux

  202. To PSP or Not to PSP: PL/SQL Server Pages Versus the PL/SQL Web Toolkit

  203. Oracle Streams: Simplifying Information Sharing in Oracle Database 10g

  204. Moving from Black and White to Color: Why Upgrade from MRP to Advanced Planning?

  205. Enabling the Demand-Driven Supply Network with Oracle APS

  206. Best Practices in Sales and Operations Planning and a Customer Case Study

  207. To Postpone or Not? Strategies to Reduce Inventory and Improve Service Levels in the DDSN

  208. Realizing Value in 60 Days: Best Practices in Supply Chain Implementations

  209. Introducing Transportation Planning: A New Solution for You

  210. Advanced Planning for Process Manufacturing

  211. Supply Chain Intelligence: Managing by Fact

  212. Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 Overview

  213. Zero to Apps in 135 Days: Project Management for Normal People

  214. Dynamic Provisioning of the Oracle Application Server for the Grid

  215. Oracle Application Server 10g: E-Business Suite Middleware for the Grid

  216. Service-Oriented Architecure Based on Oracle Information Architecture

  217. Oracle Application Server 10g on Linux

  218. Building High-Performance Enterprise XML Applications, Using Oracle Application Server 10g

  219. Security and Data Encryption (a Developer Approach)

  220. Product Lifecycle Management Overview and Directions

  221. The Foundation: Single Source of Product Data

  222. Winning with PLM: Customer and Partner Success Stories Panel

  223. Accelerating New-Product Introductions

  224. Gartner’s Emerging Vision: The Coming Integration in Manufacturing of ERP, Product Service, and Enterprise Asset Management Systems

  225. Extending Your E-Business Suite Investment Using Oracle Integration

  226. Managing Partners and Protocols: An Introduction to Oracle Integration B2B

  227. End-to-End Process Visibility: Using Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to Deliver Business Value

  228. Enabling Service-Oriented Architectures with Oracle BPEL Process Manager

  229. Developing Agile Applications with SOA in Oracle JDeveloper 10g

  230. Oracle 10g Analytic SQL: A Beginner's Guide

  231. Profit from Good Governance

  232. Hold That Invoice: Customizing Oracle’s AP Invoice Validation Program

  233. Managing Fulfillment and Supply Chain Performance with Oracle Daily Business Intelligence.

  234. Save Money, Save Time, Increase Profitability: The Story of an Order Fulfillment Implementation

  235. New Solutions to Old Problems: Driving Efficiencies with Oracle Transportation Management

  236. Have It Your Way: Meeting Customer Requirements with Oracle Configurator

  237. Advanced Pricing: Improve Your Pricing, Improve Your Profits

  238. Merging the Physical World with the Digital: Oracle’s Vision for RFID, EPC, and the Future of Fulfillment

  239. Supporting Complex Business Models with Adaptive Order Fulfillment

  240. The Fully Integrated Warehouse: How You Can Achieve It Now

  241. Oracle Application Server 10g: From Simple Clustering to Resiliency

  242. Eight Simple Caching Rules: Web Caching Your Applications for Fast Response Time

  243. Highly Available, Scalable, and Secured Enterprise Application Deployment

  244. Monitoring of the Oracle Application Server for High Performance

  245. The Oracle Rules Engine

  246. Network-Related Issues and Troubleshooting During Application Server Deployment for Enterprise Topologies

  247. Sizing Oracle Application Server 10g: How Much Hardware Do I Need?

  248. Oracle Enterprise Manager for Developers: Optimize Application Performance

  249. Middle-Tier Applications Management for DBAs

  250. Optimizing Application Service Levels with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g

  251. Identity Federation: Preparing for the Inevitable

  252. Provisioning User Identities in Heterogeneous IT Environments

  253. What’s New with Oracle’s Identity Management Solutions

  254. Security and Federated Identity for Web Services Architectures

  255. Integrating Oracle Identity Management with Microsoft Windows and Active Directory

  256. How to Effectively Measure and Monitor Activity in Your Portal Environment

  257. How to Create Collaborative Communities Within Your Portal

  258. How to Integrate Enterprise Applications into Your Portal

  259. How to Design and Build Compelling Portal Interfaces

  260. How to Effectively Size Hardware for Your Portal Implementation

  261. How to Best Leverage J2EE, Struts, and ADF in Your Portal

  262. Oracle Sensor Edge Server: Integrating RFID and Sensor Data into Your Enterprise Applications

  263. Mobile Messaging for Enterprise Applications

  264. Load-Balancing Oracle Web Applications

  265. Engineering and Construction Case Study: Washington Group International

  266. Using a Unified Workplace to Empower Team Collaboration

  267. Drive Better and Faster Business Results with Oracle Real-Time Collaboration

  268. PO History: Not Just a Thing of the Past

  269. ISVs Speak About Transitioning Their Business to an On Demand Model

  270. Oracle On Demand Customers Discuss Strategies and Best Practices in IT Outsourcing for Achieving Superior Results

  271. Oracle Enterprise Project Management: Proven Industry Results

  272. Making IT Governance Work for Your Organization

  273. Going Live with Oracle Enterprise Project Management

  274. Oracle Project Portfolio Planning: Choice, Not Chance, Determines Success

  275. Track costs to the penny with Oracle Project Costing

  276. Get Paid What You Deserve with Oracle Project Billing and Oracle Project Contracts

  277. We Are the World: Deploying Your Global Workforce with Oracle Project Resource Management

  278. Get Your Project Finances Back in the Black with Oracle Project Management

  279. Stuck at 80% complete? Use Oracle Project Management and Oracle Project Collaboration to finish the job

  280. The Insight You Need to Succeed with Oracle Project Intelligence and Oracle Project Management

  281. Automated and Repeatable Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

  282. Transforming Your Business for the On Demand Future

  283. Oracle for Small and Midsize Business - Vision and Strategy

  284. Extending Oracle Workflow: Fear Not! Go with the Flow

  285. Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One: The Database For Small Business

  286. When the Lights Go On: Case Study of Amerlux LLC

  287. Solutions for the Midmarket Businesses to Grow

  288. Best Practice Implementations - Reduce Time and Cost

  289. Oracle Recommended By Customers - Saying No to the Status Quo

  290. Partnering with Oracle - A Strategy For Growth

  291. Creating a Company Portal Instantly with Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One

  292. Increase Your Margins and Prepare for Growth with Oracle's End-to-End Lease Management Solution

  293. Oracle Government Showcase

  294. Managing Content for Business Risk

  295. Optimizing Research Productivity and Accelerating the Drug Discovery Pipeline

  296. Capabilities for the Content-Enabled Enterprise

  297. Content Management for the Rest of Us

  298. Mobility and Client Access

  299. Testing Oracle Performance

  300. Innovation for the Future of Education

  301. Adaptability: Achieving Flexibility in the Fast-Changing Educational Environment

  302. Strategies for Gaining Efficiencies and Maximizing Your Technology Investment

  303. CRM for Higher Education: Transforming Learning

  304. A Case Study: Making the Most of Oracle Projects (Billing and Costing)

  305. J2EE-Based SOA Applications: What DBAs Should Know, Fear, and Expect

  306. Developing Flexible Applications, Using Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

  307. J2EE 1.4 Overview

  308. Managing J2EE 1.4 Applications and System Resources with Oracle Application Server

  309. Tuning J2EE Applications, Tier by Tier

  310. JavaServer Faces for Beginners

  311. J2EE Persistence, Using OracleAS TopLink

  312. New-World Clustering for J2EE

  313. Web Services and J2EE Connector Architecture

  314. Oracle JDeveloper 10g Overview

  315. Accelerate Application Development with UML Modeling

  316. Oracle JDeveloper 10g for Database Developers and DBAs

  317. Simplify XML Development

  318. Visual and Declarative J2EE Development with Oracle JDeveloper 10g and Oracle ADF

  319. Best Practices for J2EE Applications: Design Applications Efficiently with Oracle Application Development Framework

  320. J2EE Application Development for Forms and Designer Users

  321. Developing User Interfaces with Oracle Application Development Framework

  322. Oracle ADF: Performance Tips and Tricks from the Toy Store Demo

  323. Developing Struts Applications with Oracle JDeveloper 10g

  324. Oracle ADF: Drag-and-Drop Data Binding for J2EE Business Services

  325. Web Services Reality Check: A Practical Guide to Using Web Services Today

  326. Deploying a Large-Scale Interoperable Web Service Infrastructure

  327. Enterprise Asset Management v11i10 Product Update and Road Map

  328. Understanding the New Practice of Web Services Management

  329. A Practical Guide to Web Services Development for DBAs and Database Developers

  330. Oracle Forms: What's New, What's Next

  331. A Step-by-Step Guide for Upgrading Oracle Forms Applications to the Web with Oracle Application Server 10g

  332. Oracle’s Property and Plant Maintenance Solution, Oracle eAM: Let’s Hear from Our Enterprise Asset Management Customers

  333. How to Create Oracle Application Server 10g Clusters

  334. Oracle’s Air Fleet Maintenance Solution, Oracle cMRO

  335. High-Risk-Chemical and Waste Control with RFID and Sensor-Based Services

  336. Personalized B2B E-Business Portals: Integration Within and Beyond the Enterprise

  337. Migrating from Legacy Systems to J2EE

  338. Architectural Studies of Two Real-World Mission-Critical Application Server Deployments

  339. Assure Regulatory Compliance and Streamline Operations

  340. Improving Operational Efficiencies in Clinical Development

  341. Real World SOA: Web Services, BPEL, and Composite Applications

  342. Oracle Integration B2B: Extending Oracle E-Business Suite with B2B Standards

  343. An Overview of Enterprise Portals: Today and Tomorrow

  344. Oracle Integration: Delivering a Service-Oriented Architecture

  345. Implementation, Migration, and Deployment Experiences with Oracle Collaboration Suite

  346. A Total Warehouse Solution Using OWB, OLAP, and BI Beans

  347. Advanced Analytic Applications with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle BI Beans

  348. Enterprise Reporting Basics: Introduction to Oracle Reports

  349. Enterprise Reporting Essentials: Oracle Reports for Tips and Techniques

  350. Using Decision Trees to Solve Business Problems with Oracle Data Mining 10g

  351. Know More, Do More, Spend Less with Oracle Data Mining 10g

  352. Introducing the Discoverer “Drake” Release: Personalized Dashboards Supporting OLAP and Relational Access

  353. Using Discoverer for Life Sciences Data

  354. The New Face of Oracle Discoverer “Drake”: A Comprehensive Update

  355. Get the Bigger Picture with OLAP-Enabled Oracle BI 10g: Unified, Strategic, and Extensible

  356. Developing Personalized Management Dashboards with Zero Programming

  357. Empowering OLAP Across Your Enterprise, Using Oracle Discoverer and Excel

  358. Mini-Keynote: Oracle and Gartner unveil the new Oracle Business Intelligence 10g

  359. Oracle 10g for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Real-World Success Stories

  360. Top 10 Features in Oracle 10g for Data Warehousing

  361. 20TB on a Linux Cluster Today: How to Build a Multiterabyte Data Warehouse, Using Linux and RAC

  362. OLAP and the Oracle 10g Business Intelligence Platform

  363. Analytic Workspace Manager and Oracle OLAP 10g in Action

  364. Introducing Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 “Paris”

  365. Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 “Paris”: Transforming Data into Quality Information

  366. Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 “Paris”: Enabling Oracle Business Intelligence

  367. Flow Manufacturing Success: A Tier 1 Auto Supplier's Tale

  368. Oracle Database 10g Monitoring

  369. Oracle 10g LDAP: Advanced Configuration of Directory Naming

  370. Oracle Application Server 10g: The Best Application Server for the Oracle Database

  371. Stories from the Grid: Real-World Case Studies of Utilizing Enterprise Manager Grid Control

  372. Information-Driven Customer Relationship Management

  373. High-Tech Keynote--Outsourcing to China: Trends and Implications

  374. High-Tech Supply Chain: Command and Control of Outsourced Operations

  375. Panel: Supply Chain Best Practices in High Tech

  376. EAM and the Oracle Configurator

  377. High-Tech Service: Manage and Grow a Profitable Service Business

  378. Panel: Service Best Practices in High Tech

  379. Channel Management: Improve Visibility and Collaboration

  380. Panel: Best Practices in Channel Management and Pricing Execution

  381. Oracle Customer Service Keynote: Information-Driven Customer Service

  382. Information-Driven Field Service: New Features and Implementation Success

  383. Executing Efficient and Effective In-House Depot Repairs

  384. Capacity Planning Using Roller Coaster Tycoon

  385. Taking the Guesswork out of Sourcing with Oracle Sourcing

  386. Oracle Procurement Contracts: Closing the Loop

  387. Caffeinated Procurement: Reintroducing Purchasing with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i10

  388. Linking Suppliers and Procurement: Oracle iSupplier Portal 11i10 and Oracle Supplier Network

  389. Procurement Customer Best Practices: Tales from the Front Line

  390. Back to the Future: Procurement Luminary Panel

  391. Mastering Supply Chain Complexity Through Enterprise Lean Six Sigma and Business Systems

  392. Oracle Collaboration Suite Overview

  393. Gain Competitive Advantage with Oracle Real-Time Collaboration

  394. Oracle Application Server 10g: Interoperability and Best Practices in a Windows Environment from Real-world Customer Deployments

  395. Real-Life Peformance Data

  396. Program Management Grid

  397. Experian Drives Selling Effectiveness with Oracle Marketing

  398. Collaborative Selling Through Indirect Channels

  399. Information-Driven E-Commerce

  400. Driving Sales with Oracle Trade Management

  401. Aligning Selling with Oracle Incentive Compensation

  402. Delivering Selling Effectiveness in Oracle Sales

  403. Selling Channel Collaboration with Oracle Telesales

  404. Driving Selling Effectiveness with Integrated Oracle Quoting and Proposals

  405. Minimizing Service Revenue Leakage with Oracle Service Contracts

  406. Selling Foresight: Oracle Sales Analytics

  407. Driving Selling Effectiveness with Oracle Sales Contracts

  408. Link Planning to Execution with Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

  409. Oracle Mobile Sales Solutions: Mobility Optimized

  410. Using E-Commerce to Drive Overall Sales Success: Panel with Gartner Analyst Rob Desisto

  411. Customer Experiences with Daily Business Intelligence

  412. Corporate Performance Management: Panel Discussion

  413. Driving Self-Service: Oracle iProcurement and Services Procurement

  414. Lean Manufacturing in a Process Environment

  415. Sustaining your Lean Journey with Oracle Flow Manufacturing

  416. Exceeding Customer Expectations wth Configure-to-Order

  417. Mid Market Manufacturer's Success with Oracle Applications

  418. Leveraging Services and Events to Optimize Business Processes

  419. Extending Daily Business Intelligence for Your Enterprise

  420. Optimize Your Organization with Corporate Performance Management

  421. Performance Management in the Public Sector

  422. Driving Customer Service Effectiveness Through Integration

  423. Installation and Autoconfiguration of the 11i Environment

  424. Building the Next-Generation Contact Center

  425. Administer the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Environment

  426. Maintenance of Your Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

  427. Oracle E-Business Suite: Advanced Configuration

  428. Optimizing Performance Across All Processes for Professional Service Organizations

  429. New Directions in Engineering and Construction

  430. Professional Services Case Study: McKinsey & Co.

  431. Deploying Performance Management Dashboards with Oracle Balanced Scorecard

  432. Enabling Strategy-Focused Business Planning

  433. DBI Implementation Lessons Learned

  434. Bringing Data into Your Performance Management Initiative

  435. Daily Business Intelligence Architecture

  436. Achieve Workforce Excellence with Oracle HRMS

  437. Grow and Reward the Workforce Through Comprehensive Talent Management

  438. Recruit the Right Talent with Oracle iRecruitment

  439. Develop the Workforce with Oracle Learning Management

  440. Understand the Workforce, Using HRMS Intelligence

  441. Get Back to Basics: Core HR with Self-Service

  442. Compensate the Workforce by Using a Total Compensation Strategy

  443. Pay the Workforce: Payroll and Time & Labor

  444. Manage the Public Sector Workforce with Oracle HRMS

  445. HRMS Q&A

  446. Data Compression In Oracle9i and Oracle 10g

  447. Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture

  448. Utilizing Applications in the Public Sector

  449. The Technology of Information

  450. The Evolving Enterprise

  451. Commitment, Direction, and Vision of Oracle Solutions for the Federal Government

  452. Oracle State and Local Solutions at Work

  453. Consumer Products: Competing in the Age of Collaboration and Compliance

  454. Building the Customer Focused Lean Operator: New-Generation Strategies for the New Communications Industry

  455. Customer-Focused Lean Operator: Streamlining Multichannel Order Management

  456. Customer-Focused Lean Operator: Driving Comprehensive Network Lifecycle Management

  457. Customer-Focused Lean Operator: Carrier-Grade Framework 10g

  458. Retail Compliance: Wal-Mart Out of the Box

  459. Trade Management: Trade Promotion Compliance

  460. Oracle Advanced Procurement: Vision for the Future

  461. Empowering Field Technicians with Mobile Service Solutions

  462. Maximizing ROI: Is Your Technology Working for You ... Or, are you working for your technology?

  463. Travel and Transportation: With Challenge Comes Opportunity

  464. Travel and Transportation: Matching the Right Bag to the Right Traveler

  465. Panel: Developing a World-Class Customer Service Strategy

  466. Making Profitability Management Mainstream

  467. Daily Business Intelligence for Service: Using Information More Effectively

  468. Oracle Customer Data Management Business and Technical Overview

  469. Oracle Customer Data Management Customer Panel

  470. Oracle Customer Data Management Implementation Strategies

  471. Lower the Total Cost of Travel and Expense

  472. Using a Data Warehouse and Portal to Support Oracle Financials

  473. The Evolving Information Age

  474. Business Transformation: Adapting to the Demands of the Digital Age

  475. The Information Driven Enterprise

  476. Michael Dell Keynote

  477. Intel Solutions To The Information Tsunami

  478. Working on the Grid - Oracle 10g Release 2

  479. Sun and Oracle: Trusted Network Computing

  480. Doing Business in the Information Age

  481. Information Lifecycle Management for Oracle Environments

  482. Successful Customer Data Quality Strategies

  483. Strategies for the Delivery of Critical Information Technology (IT) Services to Satisfy Greater Expectations from Demanding Business Users

  484. Implementing a Global Oracle-Enabled Shared Services Solution

  485. Sun's Grid Architecture for Oracle Database 10g on AMD Opteron

  486. Information-Driven Selling: Using Enterprise Information to Drive Alignment, Effectiveness, and Collaboration

  487. Effective Enterprise Marketing: Oracle Marketing Panel with Gartner Analyst Kim Collins

  488. Using Oracle Sales Applications to Drive Effectiveness and Sales Rep Adoption

  489. Managing the Data Explosion: Sun Infrastructure Powers Oracle Data Warehouses from a Customer Perspective

  490. Manufacturing in a Global Environment

  491. Achieving Plant Flexibility with Oracle Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

  492. Real-Time Manufacturing Control with Oracle Shop Floor Management

  493. Oracle's Approach to Manufacturing Execution

  494. Oracle Quality: Driving Business Benefits From a Single System

  495. Protecting Oracle Application Server 10g Deployment from Disasters

  496. U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Presents Federal Lines of Business Initiatives

  497. Using Technology to Secure America: Tales from the Front Lines

  498. Managing Your Enterprise in a Mobile World

  499. Bold Fusion: Releasing the Energy of IT to Enable an Adaptive Enterprise

  500. Novell Linux Enterprise Solutions

  501. Sarbanes-Oxley Best Practices in an Oracle Applications Environment

  502. Converting Oracle Alerts to Oracle Workflow

  503. Enterprise Resource Planning: Fact or Fiction

  504. Accenture and Oracle: Helping Organizations Achieve High Performance

  505. Strategy Enablement and Benefits of Oracle Apps Implementation at Eaton Truck

  506. Oracle iProcurement Implementation: A Case Study

  507. Technology Advances: Effects on Software Pricing and Licensing Policies

  508. Business Intelligence: The Whole Story of Oracle Technology and Applications

  509. Achieving Optimal Performance and Management on Oracle 10g RAC on Linux

  510. RFID and Sensor- Based Computing: Laying the Technology Foundation for Maximum Business Value

  511. The Top 10 Challenges in Porting from UNIX to a Linux-Based Oracle Database Application

  512. Mobility-Based Solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution and Service: Rapidly Responding to Customers through All Phases of the Life-Cycle

  513. Mobile Content Service Delivery: Driving new revenues for Service Providers

  514. Information Technology and Innovation in Life Sciences

  515. Planning a Collaboration Suite Implementation

  516. Installation and Administration of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g

  517. Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g

  518. Oracle Collaboration Suite Use Case

  519. Maximizing Performance and Scalability of Siebel on Oracle 10g RAC

  520. Creating Stability for Infrastructure Technology

  521. Moving into Web services with Oracle Applications 11.5.10

  522. Moving Oracle HRMS to the Next Level

  523. Integration and Service Oriented Archicture (SOA) Across the Enterprise: Oracle Products and Strategy

  524. Oracle Supply Chain Management: Vision, New Capabilities in 11.i10 and Future Directions

  525. Advances in Enterprise Grid Storage and Backup.

  526. The role of Storage in Grid Computing

  527. Oracle 10g RAC in a 64-bit AMD Linux environment with iSCSI

  528. OAUG Accounts Payable SIG

  529. OAUG Accounts Receivable SIG

  530. OAUG Aerospace & Defense SIG

  531. OAUG Applications Desktop Integrator SIG

  532. OAUG Archive & Purge SIG

  533. OTN Guru Chat - Applications Technology

  534. OTN Guru Chat - Applications Architecture

  535. OTN Guru Chat - Corporate Performance Management

  536. OTN Guru Chat - Customer Data Management

  537. OTN Guru Chat - On Demand

  538. OTN Guru Chat - Integration

  539. OTN Guru Chat - Security and Identity Management

  540. Standards and Measures of Quality!

  541. OAUG Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse SIG

  542. OAUG Collaboration Suite SIG

  543. OAUG Contracts SIG

  544. OAUG CRM Service SIG

  545. OAUG Customization & Extension SIG

  546. OAUG Database SIG

  547. OAUG Discrete Manufacturing SIG

  548. OAUG Electronic Data Interchange SIG

  549. OAUG Energy & Utility SIG

  550. OAUG Enterprise Asset Management SIG

  551. OAUG Financial Services Industry SIG

  552. OAUG Global HRIS SIG

  553. OAUG Higher Education SIG

  554. OAUG Internal Controls & Security SIG

  555. OAUG Learning Management SIG

  556. OAUG Logistics SIG

  557. OAUG Migration & Integration SIG

  558. OAUG Multi-National/Multi-Org SIG

  559. OAUG Assets SIG

  560. OTN Guru Chat - Manageability and Performance

  561. OTN Guru Chat - RAC, Grid Computing and Oracle Database

  562. OTN Guru Chat - Business Intelligence

  563. OTN Guru Chat - Oracle Collaboration Suite

  564. OTN Guru Chat - Database Strategy

  565. OTN Guru Chat - Application Server

  566. OTN Guru Chat - Application Development

  567. Oracle Grid Computing on the AMD Opteron™ Processor-Based Platform

  568. OAUG Workflow SIG

  569. OAUG Order Management SIG

  570. OAUG Process Manufacturing SIG

  571. OAUG Projects SIG

  572. OAUG Public Sector SIG

  573. OAUG Supply Chain Collaboration SIG

  574. OAUG SysAdmin SIG

  575. OAUG Upgrade SIG

  576. OAUG Customer Data Management SIG

  577. OAUG Retail SIG

  578. OAUG Property Management SIG

  579. OAUG Procurement SIG

  580. Northern California OAUG

  581. Southwest Regional OAUG

  582. ODTUG Data Warehousing SIG

  583. ODTUG HTML Database/Portal SIG

  584. IOUG SIGs

  585. Mobilizing the work force to drive productivity and revenue through Integrated Wireless Solutions

  586. Track Trace & Control-Extend Oracle Assets & Achieve Compliance with SarbOx

  587. Oracle Configurator SIG

  588. Oracle PartnerNetwork Member Forum

  589. OPN Member Forum Technology Breakout

  590. General Opening Session

  591. Data Vault: The Next Super Model

  592. Building J2EE-Based Systems using JDeveloper

  593. Sarbanes Oxley Idea Exchange

  594. Shared Services

  595. How to Thrive as a DBA in an Oracle10g World

  596. Best Practices Panel - Oracle OpenWorld

  597. RAC SIG Q & A Panel

  598. Grand Opening for Exhibit Hall

  599. OTN Night - Information Planet

  600. Oracle OpenWorld Appreciation Event-Experience HARMONIC CONVERGENCE

  601. SensorNet

  602. Oracle 10g on Mac OS X

  603. OAUG Enhancements Request System Unleashed

  604. Introduction to the SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

  605.'s Enterprise Data Warehouse

  606. The 3D-Visual Enterprise from Unisys: Enabling agile business strategies through adaptive infrastructures with Oracle.

  607. What will be the Impact on Customers if Oracle Acquires PeopleSoft?


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