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Using a Remote Web Cache with Application Server 10g

Aug 25,  2004
John Garmany


The Oracle web cache is a versatile component that can be used in a number of different ways.

Here I want to discuss using a Remote Web Cache

Normally the Oracle Web Cache is placed in front of a group of middle tier instances and is used to reduce and load balance the application load.

However, you can place a Web Cache at a remote location (say an office in another state, or country) to reduce the amount of network traffic your application generates.  The remote office sets up an instance of the Web Cache on a local server.  All application request go through the local Web Cache, which connects back to the middle tier instance at the AS10g location. 



This local Web Cache supports only the local office.  If this office uses your application in a distinct way, the local cache will contain different documents and objects than the cache because it is only caching in support of that one office.  This improves cache efficiency.

Even if the local office does not use your application in a distinct way, you will still get all the cached objects and documents quickly served locally.

Remember, Oracle Web Cache can cache dynamic documents and partial pages.

Think of the impact remote Web Caches could have if you had offices in Europe, Japan and the U.S.  

Save the network, serve cached documents locally.

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John Garmany

Burleson Oracle Consulting

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