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Troubleshooting Oracle Portal 9.0.x

John Tweedy pointed out a useful document available on MOSC, entitled "Troubleshooting Oracle Portal 9.0.X" (Doc.ID 206191.1).

It's a useful document for diagnosing problems with the version of Oracle Portal that comes with 9iAS Release 2, and, according to the introduction;

"Due to the interdependency of Oracle9iAS Portal with the Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On Server, the Oracle HTTP Server, the Oracle9iAS Web Cache and the Oracle Internet Directory (OiD) in Oracle9i Application Server Release 2 (9.0.2), is difficult to identify sometimes where a problem lies.

In this document we will try to provide some quick tests that you can perform to check the proper functionality of these products since wrong configuration or malfunctioning might affect Oracle9iAS Portal functionality."

and it covers the following situations

        Issues with Portal installation

         Issues getting to the Portal homepage

         Issues logging in to Portal

         Issues with creating, adding or deleting users or groups from Portal

         Issues with Web Cache administration

 showing the steps you need to go through to work out where the problem is.




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