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Supercharge Dispersed Offices with a Remote Web Cache

Oct 13,  2004
John Garmany



The Web Cache normally is positioned directly in front of the Application Server.  Itís job is to server cached objects (both static and dynamic) to reduce the load on the Application Server and Customer Database.  The Web Cache also load balances request across the available Application Servers (using defined weightings to accommodate server with different capabilities).  Although very effect at being the Application Serverís front-end, it also excels are providing caching at remote locations. 

With Oracleís vision of placing all you data in one secure, fault tolerant location, remote offices could experience network/Internet delays that become unacceptable to the user.  Placing Web Cache at the remote office allows it to locally serve cached objects, reducing the network delay.



Planning Points:

  • Remote Web Caches need to connect to the Application Server directly, not the ASís Web Cache.  Never have one Web Cache requesting through another web cache.

  • Web Cache can still load balance to multiple Application Servers.

  • You can not cluster remote Web Caches.

  • Your object invalidation methodology must invalidate objects in all Web Caches, including the remote ones.


By adding a small commodity server running Web Cache at a remote location, you significantly improve you user experience at a very low cost.


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John Garmany

Burleson Oracle Consulting

Kittrell, NC, USA, 27544 





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