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Red Hat Advanced Server Clones

May 12,  2004
John Garmany


The Attack of the Clones?

If you are running your Oracle Application Server on Linux, you are probably using Red Hat's Advanced Server 2.1 or 3 or United Linux 1.0.  Both version come with a hefty price tag.  And most Application Server administrator's will tell you that the primary reason that an installation fails is that the OS is not properly configured.  Now you may have some options available.

Red Hat Clones

 There are now an number of clones of Red Hat Advanced Server available on the internet for free.  One is the White Box Enterprise Linux.

White Box Enterprise Linux was derived from the open source Red Hat code for Advanced Server version 3 and can use Red Hat's update rpms.  

Installing the Oracle 10g Database on White Box Linux was the same as installing it on Red Hat AS 3.  

64bit Linux

Those of use that are looking at the low cost 64 bit x86 systems have found that only the most expensive versions of Red Hat and United Linux are available in 64 bit versions.  Both Fedora (the new Red Hat type free distro) and White Box are readying a release of 64 bit Linux versions.  This will allow your home server to enter the realm of the "big iron"

More Options

The Red Hat Linux clones will help you get a system up and running without the cost of an commercial license for Advanced Server.  There are other Red Hat clones out there.

Tao Linux

I have not had a chance to test these clones it is on my task list as my Red Hat updates run out.

However,  Oracle will only support the Red Hat Linux (2.1 and 3) and united Linux 1.0 installations.  You will want to get a support version of Linux before placing the server in production.

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John Garmany

John Garmany
Burleson Oracle Consulting

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