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New Pricing Scheme for Oracle AS10g and Certification Stalls

July 21,  2004
John Garmany



As reported in COMPUTERWORLD on Friday 16 July, Oracle is planning to unbundle the Application Server components, allowing the user to only license the components that they use rather than the entire suite.

Basically, in the next 60 days Oracle will announce a new pricing scheme allowing you to license only those components that you actually need. 

Also announced was the upcoming release of Version 11.5.10 of the Oracle E-Business Suite

The entire article is here:,10801,94599,00.html?from=homeheads

Oracle Application Server Certification Stalled

According to Jim DiIanni, Oracle’s director of certification.

DiIanni: We actually haven’t had a very good uptake on that certification….I can tell you that you won’t see another level for Oracle 9i. If we do anything on that certification, it won’t be until 10g.  I quite honestly think that there was never really a need for a specific job role around Application Server Administrator because I think a lot of existing DBAs ended up inheriting that responsibility. And so if you have these existing DBAs, there really isn’t a lot of value in obtaining an OCA-level certification for Web administrator.

Sometimes, the launch of a product doesn’t necessarily create a job role, and certifications are really associated with job roles. This was one certification that was pushed very hard by the product groups as a way of putting it out there and hopefully evangelizing the product, and [certification] just doesn’t work that way.


  If you are a DBA that inherited the administration of AS10g, this is the book for you.  Written by a DBA for DBAs

Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook

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