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Oracle App Server Tips

Mark Rittman


Using The OWB Design Browser With The Standalone OC4J Instance

If you're looking to use the web-based Design Browser that comes with OWB 9.0.4 and 9.2, and want to deploy it using the new built-in OC4J instance, there's a new MOSC note No. 237367.1 that goes through all the steps required to set it up.

In the past, to use the Design Browser you had to install it into an Oracle Portal installation; with the bundled OC4J server that comes with 9.0.4 and 9.2 you can now run it using the Apache webserver that comes with the 9i database. The note goes through the creation of the Gateway Database Access Descriptors Settings, and shows you what details to enter in to the Design Browser login screen when you get it up and running.

Are You Grid Enabled?

Oracle 10g Grid technology is has changed Oracle forever and all Oracle professionals must understand this core Oracle technology.

Mike Ault, a world leader in Oracle Grid Technology now has the premier book on Oracle 10g Grid internals:

 Don't be left behind.  Learn Oracle10g Grid from the experts.

Need Oracle Tuning Support?

Burleson Consulting now offers a one-day performance review for your Oracle database.  Working with top experts who tune hundreds of databases each year, you can get fast expert tuning advice to hypercharge your Oracle database.

We also provide expert upgrades to Oracle9i and Oracle10g, and our DBAs can quickly show you how to implement the important new features of new Oracle releases.

Call now for remote Oracle support.


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