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More Great Presentation from Oracle Open World

December 29,  2004
John Garmany



Oracle Applications on Linux

David Brown, Oracle Corporation

      Wait, this is not just one of those Oracle on Linux sales pitches.  This presentation covers installing Linux and creating a hardened, locked down, server to support your oracle application.  This briefing details installing and setting up the server to protect you application and data. If you used the Oracle Quick Install guide or one of the installation cookbooks, you need to review this presentation.  A must read, database or application server.


Monitoring the Oracle Application Server for High Performance.

Carol Orange, Principal Software Engineer, Oracle Corporation

     A few weeks ago I talked about using DMS, or Dynamic Monitoring Service to create a statspack like statistics gathering system for the Application Server.  Carol Orange gave a great presentation called Monitoring the Oracle Application Server for High Performance.  This was the most detailed explanation of using DMS to find performance problems I have seen.  It discusses:

  • Using DMS for normal AS monitoring.
  • Detailed Monitoring to determine the source of performance problems.
  • Extending the events DMS monitors to provide additional detail when needed.

It includes a detail Oracle White Paper and the ppt presentation.

The presentations are located here.



See you at the Rocky Mountain Oracle User's Group (RMOUG) Training Days 2005
February 9 and 10 in Denver Colorado.

Lots of great information, focused on training, not sales.

I will present an update to my Oracle Open World presentation:

Indexes, the Good, the Bad, the Wrong Type

And a new presentation:  Putting Your Web Cache to Work!

Lots of great presenters including:
Don Burleson
Mike Ault
Peter Koletzke
Bill Inmon (the Father of data warehousing)
Jared Still
Brad Brown
John Beresniewicz
and more...and more...and more.

The premier Oracle Training Event!

For more information go to:


  If you are a DBA that inherited the administration of AS10g, this is the book for you.  Written by a DBA for DBAs

Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook

by Oracle Press. In Book Stores Now!

Need Oracle App Server Support?

I'm now offering personal app server mentoring for Oracle DBAs who must quickly learn the intricate details of Oracle9iAS.  You can have an Oracle expert right at your fingertips, anytime day or night.

We work with dozens of App Server Oracle databases every year, so we know exactly how to quickly assist you with any Oracle9iAS or Oracle Application Server 10g question. 

Call 800-766-1884 for a custom evaluation.


John Garmany

Burleson Oracle Consulting

Kittrell, NC, USA, 27544 





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