Oracle9iAS Monitoring

December 3,  2003
Don Burleson


In order to develop a coherent picture of overall Oracle9iAS performance we must collect data from a variety of sources. Things to monitor and adjust:

  • Resource usage monitoring Assuming that each Oracle9iAS component is optimally tuned, any hardware-related overload must be addressed with more hardware.  The solutions may be to add a new app server, add RAM or CPU to existing servers, or install faster disks.  In UNIX or Linux you can monitor Oracle9iAS servers with the vmstat utility, top, glance or iostat, and store the data into Oracle tables for time-based resource analysis.  In a Windows environment you can use the Windows performance monitor to measure hardware usage. 

  • Response time monitoring Several components within Oracle9iAS allow you to track overall response time and the components of response time.  For example, web applications using the Oracle9iAS forms Server can use the Forms Server log to generate detailed response time report.  We will address this in greater detail later in this chapter.

  • Wait event monitoring Perform a wait even analysis on each component of Oracle9iAS can provide insights into the main source of latency for each Oracle9iAS component.

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