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Placing the Metadata Repository in an Existing Database

July 7 ,  2004
John Garmany


With Application Server 10g, you can place the Metadata Repository in an existing database rather than creating asdb.

Two main reasons why you would want to install the Metadata Repository in an existing database are Availability and Manageability

If you are using any of Oracle's High Availability features (Real Application Clusters (RAC), DataGuard, Replication) then you will want the Metadata Repository to take advantage of the high availability and automatic fail features.

If you are deploying a small system on a single server, placing the Metadata Repository in the back-end database frees up server resources that would be used by the asdb database.

It is not as easy as if should be.  Hopefully this feature will be incorporated into the Oracle Installer (OUI) and will be just a matter of telling the installer which database the Metadata Repository should reside.  For now you must use the Oracle Application Server Repository Assistant to create the repository before running OUI to install the Infrastructure. 

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